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New Life Coming Up


I am excited. A new thing is coming into my life. A month from now, my life as I call it would radically change. Well, radical, in a way.

new life coming up

There are two ways to deal with change: to Face it head on, to run away or just Sleep. I used to sleep a lot and pretend things don’t exist. But for some reason, this present Challenge is getting me to come out of my long hiatus and put a new clean shirt called Courage and Believe that New Things are coming.

I also left my Flat this week. Feels like everything is a Big Movie. Doesn’t feel like I’m in it. While I was cleaning my things, I called out one of my room mate and told him rather frankly, “Hey: My God works for Good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. With a twinkle in my Eye, I proceeded in the middle of packing my stuff.”

Seeds that Spring up New Life

Seeds that Spring up New Life

I have gained the wisdom to live life with New Vision. Welcome to My Life.

And Welcome to the Real World.

This is the story of my life.


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3 thoughts on “New Life Coming Up

  1. commendable.

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