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Remember You this Day

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Remember You This Day
Celebration of Ysrael & Che and Friends

Toast to the Shag Party

Remember you this very Day,
When God has puuled the Curtain
How He has shown each his way
The Plan of Love made plain

God the Father in Eternity past,
So full of Love and Grace
Reckoned that He can’t stop, and must
Give, so in passion He would create.

Ysrael & Che 1

He had to Love, His passion must have Reception

  • He had to give, beyond to a Creation
    So add He, Man and Woman, free 
  • Free to Care, to share His natureAlas that man has turned away,
    Our Creator hurt in ever breaking Pain
    Chose now He to restore One Day
    And bring the Beloved to be regained.

    Hands of Commitment

    In Time He came Himself
    In person to the Human race
    In poverty so we’d gain pure wealth
    And Great Love for a desperate case

    God has shown his love concrete
    And not with hollow words it sits
    His love is clear with Decisive Plan
    Through Jesus Christ the God and Man

    As God has loved the Human Race
    We are called to Love the same
    To sacrifice, tears and constant Grace
    The one loved is drawn to change

    Ysrael & Che 2

    When trying times for you arrive
    Remember you this special Day
    Somebody gave more, e’en His life
    T’is real love that you would stay

    Remember you that sacred day
    When you were born by Special Name
    At one moment in another place
    An instant and the World was ne’er the same.

    For while your eyes first saw the World
    Your premier day was already planned
    Test love with patience until it unfurled
    Finally meet each other, (in) the Perfect World.

    Friends Celebrators

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    Author: Archian

    An Architect, Blogger and Strategic Thinker

    One thought on “Remember You this Day

    1. Never knew you could do poems, Good read Archian!

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