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Solutions for Financial Cramming 2


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This is a continuation of Solutions for Financial Cramming 1

Borrowing from Stephen, how can a farmer lazy up the whole year and cram on the last 2 months leading up to the harvest season? Just wouldn’t work. You have to take the time to water the seeds, wait for it to grow, take the time to pull out the weeds and still, wait again for the harvest season. Could you lie around for a week and milk the cow morning, midday and night on the last days of the month? Life isn’t so.

    It is always easy to take the easier step. But the greater


    wait for those who take their place everyday, ready. That’s why, most of life is what you can discover out of the mundane “taking care” of things.

Last week has been my end of contract. And like most startings and endings in life, one can feel a little uncomfortable. But not this time.



While most people would be fazed, I find myself slightly amused. And for a reason.

Three months back I had already figured out this possibility and have rehearsed my role in this drama of life. And more specifically, I have saved the best way I can so when I face change, I can adjust. Now all the places I could have been, all the gadgets I could have bought and all the parties I could have gone are all a shadow; knowing that, I have followed the path full of weeds and thorns and yet I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference..


    As a Christian I learned to live by Faith and believe in my dreams. Most often, as those dreams drift away and detour, our hope also turns to desperation. And desperation ain’t feel good! One thing I have discovered is that there is a better way to deal with detours: Prepare for them. While I believe in the Power of Prayer, there is no practical way of planning out 6 months of savings for any of life’s

unlucky possibilities


I have felt the peace of living life one moment at a time instead of cramming again, borrowing money, and wondering how I could have saved up on all those years of overspending. Makes real sense.

While the author is still single with no dependents and most readers might be Parents with Children with different financial burdens, the author promotes healthy financial planning and spending restraint.


Author: Archian

An Architect, Blogger and Strategic Thinker

2 thoughts on “Solutions for Financial Cramming 2

  1. This is a great read!:) so proud of you, cuz, more than your piece, it’s really the substance and the man you have grown to be. thanks for imparting the wisdon to us– the younger ones. yeah, guess we gotta save up while wer’e still single. 🙂

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