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I had a talk with a good friend about his situation in the Office. Actually, this situation is common in the Middle East, as it is a dubious mix of the well cultured and refined, the brute, the uncouth and all in-between. Just talking about this already excites me. Imagine the circus of already different regions, speaking totally different languages, having different business and work ethics, and different Fighting Styles. (By the way, my friend is a “sifu” (master) in Jeet-Kune-Do. I’d see his students chop up guys twice or three times their size. They also provide self-defense training for women in their gym in al Barsha. For inquiries.

Going back to my friend. He has a situation where people envy his position and resent his authority while they themselves might not have the leadership or the experience to even do the work or have the willingness to lead, at least. So best they can do is just slow down the main men on top.

Some people take their job to the extreme! Can unprofessionalism really be an Art? I believe that the real art is in handling these conflicts. How should we respond to this anti-office culture? has a solution. . . .

office pullovers

The Bible says that “it is to a man’s glory to overlook an offense.” There were many times that King David was offended. But one time I remember was when he was being chased by his son who took over and overrun his palace, and while on the run, someone was there to throw stones and dust on his path. His friend offered to knock out the guy with his round house kick plus 10 stabs.

Classic Reply.

“Well, let them do what they want,” (in David’s mind, just for now. . . .) David was not a pushover, “nice” Christian, he was just a practical person who knew he had all the freedom to do anything; he was not afraid to pull the gun, but had perfect “self-restraint”. Killing the guy wouldn’t do you any good. If you have a quick temper guess how your employees gonna be? If you are a trigger happy killer with a kind self-perception, guess what kind of bodyguards you might have?


Power is not measured by brute force. If it did, a lot of things in this world wouldn’t work. We would still be hunting animals because no one would have the capacity to trust that working books and internet would ever work. But it pays to do have the security to let things go and wait the right time. Self Restraint is a character of Kings! This is because they have the depth of understanding that their actions have far-reaching results than mere personal. Power is nothing without being channelled.

Talk about a wild stallion. Beautiful Creature. Amazing Power. Totally Useless.

For the Story:
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So to my friend, and those in the same situation. Take courage and build up your Character. Someday, you won’t lead a few, you will lead a nation. ( And more critics and complainers to boot.) These people will not last. They are like children fighting for the smallest difference. Reminds me of Micheal Jackson vs Mr. Bean.

But you were born to be a king. And by the way, about King David, he eventually killed the guy!


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3 thoughts on “Office Pettiness

  1. Ian, your friend is not alone. It does happen to any workplace I guess. I believe that we need to choose the war we want to be in – a war that is worth fighting for. It is not easy to overlook an offense or ignore people who ignores your authority but it is through this experiences that your strength of character is being tested and you will learn in the process that knowing where you stand will help you how to respond correctly to any work issues. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. i don’t know that much about dubai but its really hard to work in a company that’s pulling you down.

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