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Father’s Heart, Master’s Heart II

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That noon, I learned a lot about Life.
<img src=”; alt=”Belgian Malinoise” />

<strong>Our handsome Belgian Malinoise Rica</strong>

1. When we disobey God, He may be thinking, “Hey, the man is leaving my Protection but if I force him back, he might not want to go home, yet, so I will let him.”

The Big difference is that God loves so much He can barely resist letting us, I can let that dog go anytime. (Haven’t really spent much time to love that dog). Another point is that God feels more hurt because He loves us a lot, I felt a little annoyed because I have to find the mutt.

2. I went out of my way to search for my beloved dog. God takes extravagant time and effort to reach out and find us. Considering the fact that He, as a God should and can stay on the thrown and damn everybody in Hell, He takes it upon Himself to pay the Price; humble himself like a Servant!

3. I just saw how God feels about us. We try to fake our way into our life. Walking wounded and arrogant about how we want to live our life. But like the dog, we live our “homes” more because we feel badgered by circumstances and fireworks and discomforts like New Year. The dog never knows, this is just one day in a year.

The failure and trauma on the poor thing is visible in his eyes and on his curled up tail.

4. God catches us out there but sometimes we stray enough in his tolerance that we wander to the spiritual “hi-way” and get hit bad by a car. We were just afraid and running for our lives.

5. New Year just calls out to me as New Life. After we have been out there, alone and bundering, miserable and afraid, God takes us back to home and cares for us. He gives us a new chance and lets us enjoy Fellowship Back with Him.

Happy New Year Everyone.

New Year.

New Life.

Father’s Heart, Master’s Heart


Author: Archian

An Architect, Blogger and Strategic Thinker

One thought on “Father’s Heart, Master’s Heart II

  1. NICE NONG. There’s so much truth in this. 🙂

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