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God has been talking to me lately through our handsome Belgian Malinoise.

I woke up late on this exciting morning of the last day of the Year 2010. I took my breakfast and then had to open the House Gates to let Dad’s Car out. I barely opened the newly greased yet creaking door when a flash of fluffy passed me by. This happened so swiftly that I never see our faithful dog out. This mutt has been our guard for 4 years.

Belgian Malinoise Rica
Our handsome Belgian Malinoise Rica

This dog, I thought, was just disoriented by the cracking fireworks in the noontime by braving affectionados trying their Firecrackers for the coming Night. If I’d run after him now, he will put up a hard defense. I told myself, “He’ll be back.”

Then the my conscience, my mom, just gave me some points of concern. “You gotta take that dog back in because she’ll probably reach the highway.”  (We live in the Subdivision/community.) “These dogs wouldn’t be able to tell a car coming when they’re afraid and deaffened by the crackers!” My conscience bit me.

My brother, Jerry, who was sound asleep, woke up and dressed up to find her. My conscience bit me. I remember that we lost another dog during Christmas long ago, probably became an aphrodisiac by the angry motorists and passersby that she terrorist to mark her territory. ‘This is my masters house and I’m the dog-in-charge’.

When I fixed myself to fetch her, I walked the long path that our dog ran. When I turned the road,  I saw her.


Lost without direction.

Bouncing at every Boom of the crackers.

Trying to brave out in the World.

Some of the smaller dogs, two or three of them, were also adding to her sad plight. ‘Hey, this is our turf. You don’t belong here. I will chase you out of our place. Keep out!’. The people were also disturbed about the new dog without a leash, on their streets.

Then I took out her lease, she was happy but can’t wag her tail. They all didn’t want her: the dogs, the people, the firecrackers. So I hook the leash and led her home.

That noon, I learned a lot about it.

    See the next blog for the Conclusion



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