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Last Greetings of an Architect

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Last Greetings of an Architect
by Arch Ian Jay Bantilan

First posted on November 24, 2010

Arch Ian Jay

They shuffle their feet,
to make most of their time,
They fill in their sheets
With all possible design.

with deadlines drawing near,
there is no time to lose
The client’s coming is clear
and all our plotters are in use!

Sound the alarm,
Send the printing
Get the boards ready
And finish the rendering

You could all hear the shouting
and clicking all day long
The adventures are exciting
while others break into sobs or song

This is the day of Design.
This is the day of Change.
With each line we change the world
One house or office at a time.

To be the best in all the world
Is the goal in every hearts
an intense passion, all do yearn
to push Science to farthest

I honor Dr Shams and his teaching heart,
And Mr Butch for his technical sharps
And Mr Nordin’s taste for the finer parts
Mr Abdel Hamid‘s decisive work,
And friends and colleagues with creative smarts
Mentors, acquaintance and others, all

So, I say my goodbyes to all my friends
and those I’ve shared food in the pantry
With those we had a common laugh
And with gratitude I leave with an overflowing heart.

naga architects logo

Thank you very much to all.
I will see you all again sometime in this life.
God bless to all.

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