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“The pen is mighter than the Sword.”

In the old days, men need to slave out just to Earn. You work hard to get Pay at the End of the Day. Fast forward to 2010. People don’t make money working hard anymore. People get paid thinking hard, or I would say, think Art (istically). This is where writing comes in. But I’m going to be an Architect, not a journalist. Well, you can be both!

For many individuals who want to break into Architecture Writing, getting started is often the Hardest part. If you don’t enjoy writing for writing’s sake, this process can be very intimidating. So its better to know your reason why. If you are looking to get started, there are several things to consider.

First, let me tell you that Architecture is mostly about Good Taste. There are certain universally accepted works of Architecture that had strong critics but stood the test of time and became the New Architecture. So stay open and keep reading. this is a time to Start learning. Nobody becomes perfect on first “try” .

A second consideration is what you’re looking for. Are you only interested in a part time income, or do you need this to be a full time profession? Either way, some of the beginning steps are the same, and here is some advice to get you started as a freelance writer.

#1: Just get started! I spent months and months researching, looking up data, trying to figure out the best way to break into Architecture freelance writing. One waits for a “special season” but you just have to start now! You can’t sell writing you haven’t written yet.

#2: Get Some Practice. Find the excuse to write every time you can. Find experiences in your Architecture Job or from friends about topics you could post tonight when you get home. There are many ways you can earn from your writing, including tons of opportunities to earn online when you get professional so Challenge yourself. Constant-Content, Associated Content, and Helium are all places where you can start writing immediately and get paid.

#3: Have long term goals. Set a goal for yourself. Can you write an article every 2 days? A long term goal might be to earn by selling X

Internet articles online.

#4: Learn how to sell and re-sell your Articles to get the most out of each and every one of your articles. This is critical to building your freelance income.

#5: Spend Time every Day to Improving your Writing. It is discouraging not to find jobs to start your Earning. Try to find ways to win everyday. But keep on it. Those who quit will never win. This is the same for most businesses: Networking, Sales, Architecture, Management, Stocks, Accounting, Properties . . .take the cue! All businesses need tough people who won’t take no for an answer.

These five tips hopefully gave you some good advice to get you started in learning how to become a freelance writer. And we want to invite you to be come part of our small Community of Architecture Writers. We will stand with you till you get to your Potential!

For more information, call 433-3476 in Bacolod, email to:, or 09993441767 on or before April 2011.

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  1. thank you for this. its really honest and motivational

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