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The Biking Trail to Fitness

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Well, I’m back from a long hiatus. The world is a very big place to explore and connect.

I recently came from this Bacolod-Alangilan Biking Trail. After a lot of hype and too much coffee, my brother and I and um, a certain absent Individual (click here to see) were planning their umpteenth biking time and my own first long ride.

Bacolod Blue Biking
Biking is a Greener sport than Motorbiking

They were all right! It was easier to ride a car than to bike. It is even easier to ride a jeepney than to bike in Bacolod, (in Manila, it’s terrible). The proof? I lay in my bed on high fever that night eating oats! That’s what you get when you stop exercise for two months. But it wasn’t an easy course, it was an uphill (that’s why they call it Bacolod from “buklod” = hill) 12km road that we got in almost an hour. That’s 200m/minute or 3.33m/s, faster on the downhill and slower uphill.

Road Biking in Bacolod
Bikers in their Gear

I know that there are more powerful pedal-pusers around but I was hoping that this post could encourage you into some form of Cardio-Exercise. It will really do you good. I remember when I was working in the Middle East, and see my boss who was in his fifties run around and play football with younger kids while I puff around exhausted.

What got me interested in Biking is when one year back, I was surprised to see, that my usually insulated brother looked very,very fit. I asked him about it and he gave me this simple answer. Biking. Even more magnetic is the cool gears that come with it. (I still have to familiarize with the sport before I really become invested in this) Some have even devised a way to pad themselves against biker’s number one exterminators: reckless drivers!

Bacolod Biking Gear
For more information, call my friend in Bacolod, contact 09193170063.


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