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Embrace your Destiny by Cito Beltran

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As I was reading Cito’s Philippine Star Column, I can’t help but reflect on my own life, because I can’t help but agree. Read below:
choices we make determine our destiny

Embrace your destiny
CTALK By Cito Beltran (The Philippine Star) Updated January 31, 2011

Cito Beltran

Yesterday, I chanced upon a dear friend who has long been in the corporate world but someone who has not totally embraced her destiny. Through the years she has proven herself as very competent and dedicated leader. In fact those above her have always recognized her skills and the fact that she would eventually rise up to the very top of the organization.

For her part she has always been very willing to do whatever job or responsibilities were sent her way. But unlike most ambitious executives, my friend always drew the line between her jobs versus her family and faith. In fact she had made several attempts to slow down, scale down, semi-retire and even retired once.

But because of her skills, integrity and the respect of her colleagues she always kept getting recalled in one form or another.

Once again, she shared her desire to be a full time Mom, to go on missions and simply be a part-timer or a consultant. She talked about how she has been praying for GOD to show her His will and put her in the place where she is supposed to be.

That’s when I reminded her of the guy who spent most of his life under the shadow of his father a very prominent and successful journalist. Like many fellow journalists, he also spent time in jail during Martial law, lost most of his personal properties, was subjected to military and BIR harassment and eventually destroyed his marriage.

After living through that nightmare, the son swore never to be in media, although he also graduated Journalism because of pressure from his father. The son spent a lifetime taking jobs that had totally nothing to do with journalism.

Yet as GOD would have it, the son found himself invited to work in media by several people and companies. While he was fortunate enough to establish himself in various forms of media, he also kept believing, that his calling was elsewhere. He always believed that his best skills would be more useful and profitable in the corporate world.

Like my friend, he also prayed constantly to GOD to show him the way, the place and his destiny.

The problem was that my friend, the corporate executive, and the son of the Journalist were already where GOD wanted them to be, but they were not willing to recognize and embrace their destiny.

A lot of people don’t have the required skill set that they individually possessed in order to get the job done. Not many people had the “connections” or network that they each built up or grew up in. Both of them were pre-selected to undergo the refining and the life-changing encounter with GOD that changed their characters and strengthened their integrity and convictions.

Even more interesting were the countless open doors and windows of opportunities that came their way as well as the grace and breakthroughs they received in their respective locations.

Because they were “pre-selected” and well equipped, they excelled in their location and situation. The only real problem was that during the entire journey, both of them were convinced that their ultimate destination was still on the other side of the mountain, when in fact they were already at arms length with destiny.

I quickly pointed out to my friend that many of us are clearly “ON THE SPOT”. We are already standing where it says X marks the spot. But because we keep wanting to be elsewhere or do something else, we end up being disobedient to GOD. That being said, we are also actively denying the provisions and the blessings that GOD has set-aside for us to accomplish our mission.

Judging from the snippets and sound bytes of President Noynoy Aquino, one also gets the impression that PNoy is also someone who has come to his destiny but has not totally embraced it. He still speaks of the presidency as his penance or his cross to bear.

But just like my friend, the corporate executive, and the Journalist’s son, President Noy can’t deny that everything needed to do the job has been laid out before him. He is the most powerful and influential man in the country and in his hands lie the future and the hopes of 95 million Filipinos.

There are many more Filipinos, who would like to have the title or the power of the President, but they were not pre-selected, they were not anointed, they were not chosen. P-Noy was.

In embracing our destiny, we are merely expected to do our part, do our job and perform our roles. We are asked to be committed to the task and to be obedient to the call. Some are asked to die to themselves by serving others, while some are destined to die for others. There is no compromise for those who embrace their destiny. You simply let go and let GOD.

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