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Prelude to the Dubai Chronicles

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Distance brings a certain clarity to one’s own perspective. It illuminates a person’s interpretation of events, languages, culture and experiences. Living away from Dubai for the longest time in 5 years, I have come to remember people, things and activities in a different light.

Biking Perspective
Vision and Perspective

I thought about creating a series of memory reflections about one of the fastest developping cities in the Middle East: The Emirate of Dubai.

The Interview.

It all started in 2005 when I got my Dad, a Lawyer and Accountant in Bacolod City, gave me a tip that architects and interior designers were being interviewed in Sugarland Hotel in Bacolod City. There is a job opportunity to work in the Middle East and the interview is in Sugarland Hotel. I went there with a printed architect portfolio of my few projects.

Then the miracle happened.

The interview was done by an Ilonga, and an Arab man, I later call to be ‘boss’. Usual questions. Who are you? Where did you study? What are your projects? But out of all the experienced and middle aged architects interviewed, I was the one selected! (together with an Architect and an Interior Designer fom LCC) My dad who was happy to hear his son’s first chance to go abroad to Dubai kept reminding me to process the papers, where I just put things in low priority – after I’m done with my home renovation project.

How I got to Dubai.

I didn’t expect the Visa Application to be that fast. I was busy planning for a trip to Bulacan to meet my cousin for a house renovation. And when they faxed the Visa in 4 days, I was surprised! The ticket came, a Cathay Pacific flight via Hongkong. In short notice, I had to say goodbye to friends because in the next 2 weeks, I will be off to see the world.

It is hard to leave the Philippines unprepared. But Changes are coming, so I transitioned my life into an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker). The next biggest challenge is to travel through the Mandarin Speaking land of Honkong. ALONE! (I will try to write about it when I’m free, my mind’s bleeding still trying to remember about it. hehehe)

Welcome to Dubai
Welcome to Dubai

Next Post (Coming Soon: Deira in the Greens)


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