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LCC- Marker / Felt Tip Pens – 9 Tips for Architecture Rendering


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Markers /Felt Tips Pens – 9 Tips for Architecture Rendering
by Arch Ian Jay Bantilan

Copic Marker Set 2

Copic Marker Set 2

1. Understand your Work space Scale.

Key to your success in any Architectural Rendering is understanding your Workspace.
Are you Making an A1 Board? Your marker lines might be too small. You would be creating longer lines. Would it look good? Are you rendering a 5″x8″ Card? You should consider a Simple Schematic Perspective. Your lines would be too small to be visible.
2. Test your Marker before Use.
One bummer to a great presentation is when a Marker misfires and splatters ink all over your work. This seldom happens but if you are doing your thesis, you might as well check especially if it’s been years before you touched that Marker.
3.  Visualize your Perspective.
All athletes use this technique months before the Olympics and they get amazing results. How much more for the creative field of Architecture? See in your mind how sketchy or how clean your work would be. If you can print your desired style for the Perspective, put it beside you, that way, you wouldn’t miss it.
4. Good Layering and Color Combination.
As you would here me always: “Plan your Render.” In the case for Markers, it will be the same wit Water Colours – start with light colors and greys and last, the shadows. But markers are pretty tricky so I would say, experiment with it. You can actually break this rule.
Try to see how you could combine different colors to create newer colors. For more information about Color combinations, consult your color wheel. If you don’t have one, buy one. It wold come handy.
Copic Markers

Copic Markers

5. Blending Consistency.

Have you ever tried drawing very inspired and end up finishing feeling crappy? Have you seen how your beautiful marks get rusty in the end? You can control that. Just keep that in mind. The same way with blending or sketchiness. Make your word look like it was done by one person.
6. Use the Right Marker.
One technique that could add value to your work is to use different types of pens. They were created for a reason. Now you have to use them. Use thick wedge Pens to Color wide spaces and Medium Pens to Color Medium Spaces and the Black Thin Pens to delineate your figures. You don’t have to put a line on each figure, that’s like being a comedian and telling your audience, “please laugh now.”
7. Hatch Consistently.
Believe it or not but Hatching is actually an art. I was a great artist in high school and I can draw anything. But using the pencil to shade my work made me a legend.
Remember those line exercises in Visual Tech 1 or 2? This is where your really use them. Make sure your hatches are consistent throughout your Drawing.
8. Simple Lines with Strong Character.
I was taught one time by my boss that people can create houses just by putting the right groove in the right place. (You can check Richard Meier) In Markers, you can make any beautiful presentation by the right pulse of Lines. Those lines could be the same but some people’s lines pay them P15,000 or more.
9. Final Touch Up.
Finally, create interesting accents. Find different ways to use the marker so that you bring out the best in its capability. While Copic and Kurecolor are discovering newer types of Markers, you discover new lines, new colors, new combinations. Remember that a ball in Dirk Nowitzki’s Hand is worth billions but on a squatter’s amateur court, its worthless.
Copic Marker Box Set

Copic Marker Box Set

Dont’ forget to erase your guidelines. And last, the Marker in your hand holds infinite possibilities and great destiny.
Make that Marker proud, that you were its holder!
Arch Ian Jay Bantilan

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Author: Archian

An Architect, Blogger and Strategic Thinker

3 thoughts on “LCC- Marker / Felt Tip Pens – 9 Tips for Architecture Rendering

  1. hi! how would you compare copic markers to kurecolor? is this brand better, and where do you get refills here in manila?

    • Copic Markers high quality markers designed to give the finest result.

      Kurecolor are designed to fit snugly to the hand, reducing tiredness, you can change from fine to broad tip, confident of no change of colour.

      Copic Markers have the best quality, it can even be used as an airbrush. But Kurecolor is cheaper than copic. So it’s your choice which to use.

  2. hai! would like to ask between alpha marker and copic marker which is the best? many review said that copic? would love to know your opinion.

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