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LCC- Poster Color 1 / Architecture Exterior Rendering 1


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Poster Color 1 / Architecture Exterior Rendering 1
by Arch Ian Jay Bantilan

Archian Designs Architect Studios – Bacolod Architect

Architectural Illustration is a vital tool to the practice of architecture, giving a simple artisan an avenue to distinguish himself from the rest of the Architects in his Profession.

Poster Color is a powerful yet simple medium to Master because like oil (painting), it has covering power. You simply layer colors over each other. It also has the flexibility of water color but has limited gradient effect and as mentioned, is not translucent.

Poster Color Sets

Poster Color Sets

I am not aware which brands are the most competitive here right in the Philippines. During my College days, I have used Sakura and I believe they are cheap but good quality. For the best consistency and great performance, you can purchase Newton and Windsor’s for and other European Brands.

Now it’s time to bring out what you need:

1. Poster Colors
2. Board / Watercolor Paper
3. Water Based Brushes
4. Bottles of Water (the more, the marrier!)
5. A Mixing Pan
6. Rags
7. Sponge and Cotton
8. Masking Tape
9. Pencils and Ruler

Now it’s time for some Action!
Before the Painting Session:
Before beginning your Painting Session, it is best to layout your Board with your Perspective. Mark out the Extents of your Layout and put in some Masking Tape to cover the extents so that your border stays off limits to poster color.

Always cover your board with paper under your hand especially if your hand is sweaty. Grease or oil from our skin can destroy the surface of our Boards. Excessive erasures can also destroy the texture and quality of your rendering.

Prepare your water. Always have clean water and 1-2 more glasses for cleaning your brush. Before starting your work, always check your brush for residue colors from your last battles.

During the Session

1. Plan out your Perspective.
Before you start, makes sure that you visualize which colors comes first. Start with the Background, then the Foreground. The advantage of poster color is that it can cover your previous layer.

2. Think Layers.
You shouldn’t put the Horse before the Wheel. Horses can’t push the cart. So you too should know which layers are next because this painting is water based and will have a lot deal of waiting. . . . waiting to dry, that is.

3. Improvise.
Great artists try newer things. You can try different materials like the cotton and sponge to produce different effects. Remember that not everything in the World is discovered.

You can discover newer things. And your work whether pass or fail, has never been done exactly the way you did it, figuratively speaking. 🙂

Villa Aerial View in Poster Color

Villa Aerial View in Poster Color

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