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Bacolod City makes it to the Top 100 Outsourcing Cities!

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The Top 100 Outsourcing Cities

There’s Something to Celebrate about. Bacolod City of Negros Occidental has actually made it to the List of the Top 100 Outsourcing Cities in the World. (This was taken from home from Dubai and away for 5 years, the Public Infrastructure has changed. Practicing Architecture in the Philippines is indeed less painful with the improved services by the Government, a promising and honest President and a recovering economy.

It will take a lot tougher competition as we improve this rating because we are actually last on the list. But with constanct innovation and hard work, there is a lot of potential. Congratulations. Lets keep working, keep moving and see you other Cities in the Top!

Kudos to the Global Bacoleño!

Now that Bacolod is on top what should we do? Find more work out there. I can see Americans and Europeans walking around in the City and frankly I think they are not vacationing (though some do!) If you are a Proffessional, you might as well find jobs online. More about this from

2010 Region Country City Status 2010
1 South Asia India Bangalore ESTABLISHED
2 South Asia India Mumbai
3 South Asia India Delhi (NCR)
4 Southeast Asia Philippines Manila (NCR)
5 South Asia India Chennai
6 South Asia India Hyderabad
7 Western Europe Ireland Dublin
8 South Asia India Pune
9 Southeast Asia Philippines Cebu City
10 East Asia China Shanghai
11 Eastern Europe Poland Kraków EMERGING
12 East Asia China Beijing
13 South America Argentina Buenos Aires
14 Middle East and Africa Egypt Cairo
15 South America Brazil São Paulo
16 Southeast Asia Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City
17 East Asia China Dalian (Dairen)
18 East Asia China Shenzhen
19 South America Brazil Curitiba
20 South Asia Sri Lanka Colombo
21 Southeast Asia Vietnam Hanoi
22 Eastern Europe Czech Republic Prague
23 South Asia India Kolkata
24 South America Chile Santiago
25 Central America Costa Rica San José
26 South Asia India Chandigarh
27 Eastern Europe Hungary Budapest
28 Middle East and Africa South Africa Johannesburg
29 North America Canada Toronto
30 South America Brazil Rio de Janeiro
31 Southeast Asia Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
32 South Asia India Coimbatore
33 Eastern Europe Russia St. Petersburg
34 Eastern Europe Czech Republic Brno
35 East Asia China Guangzhou (Canton)
36 Central America Mexico Mexico City
37 Western Europe U.K. Belfast
38 Eastern Europe Poland Warsaw
39 Southeast Asia Singapore Singapore
40 East Asia China Chengdu
41 South Asia India Jaipur
42 Central America Mexico Monterrey
43 Eastern Europe Romania Bucharest
44 South America Brazil Brasília
45 Middle East and Africa Ghana Accra
46 Eastern Europe Russia Moscow
47 East Asia China Tianjin
48 Central America Mexico Guadalajara
49 Eastern Europe Slovakia Bratislava
50 South America Uruguay Montevideo
51 Eastern Europe Bulgaria Sofia
52 Eastern Europe Estonia Tallinn
53 North America Canada Halifax
54 Eastern Europe Slovenia Ljubljana
55 Middle East and Africa Morocco Casablanca (Dar-el-Beida)
56 Eastern Europe Ukraine Kyiv
57 Middle East and Africa Egypt Alexandria
58 South Asia India Bhubaneswar
59 Western Europe U.K. Glasgow City
60 Middle East and Africa Turkey Istanbul
61 Western Europe Ireland Cork ASPIRING
62 Southeast Asia Indonesia Jakarta
63 Eastern Europe Russia Nizhniy Novgorod
64 South America Colombia Bogotá
65 Central America Puerto Rico San Juan
66 South America Peru Lima
67 South Asia India Thiruvananthapuram
68 South America Colombia Medellin
69 Southeast Asia Philippines Davao City
70 East Asia China Xi’an
71 South America Argentina Córdoba
72 South Asia India Ahmedabad
73 Middle East and Africa South Africa Cape Town
74 East Asia Taiwan Taipei
75 South America Brazil Recife
76 North America U.S.A. San Antonio, Texas
77 Southeast Asia Thailand Bangkok
78 Western Europe U.K. Leeds (Yorkshire & Humber)
79 Southeast Asia Malaysia Penang
80 East Asia South Korea Seoul
81 Australian Australia Perth
82 South America Colombia Bucaramanga
83 South America Paraguay Asunción
84 Eastern Europe Poland Wroclaw
85 Middle East and Africa Jordan Amman
86 North America U.S.A. Birmingham, Alabama
87 North America U.S.A. St. Louis, Missouri
88 Southeast Asia Philippines Santa Rosa, Laguna (or Metro Laguna)
89 South America Chile Valparaíso
90 Middle East and Africa Mauritius Port Louis
91 South Asia India Mysore
92 North America U.S.A. Indianapolis, Indiana
93 Middle East and Africa United Arab Emirates Dubai
94 North America U.S.A. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
95 Eastern Europe Serbia Belgrade
96 South America Brazil Campinas
97 Eastern Europe Russia Novosibirsk
98 Southeast Asia Philippines Iloilo City
99 Middle East and Africa Tunisia Tunis


Southeast Asia


Bacolod City


Author: Archian

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One thought on “Bacolod City makes it to the Top 100 Outsourcing Cities!

  1. How was this list conducted? I mean didn’t state in any way how the report was conducted and what it’s basis is… Honestly, I even thought that the Philippines was on top but based on this list, it would seem that I was wrong..

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