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Cloud Computing with Google Docs

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Cloud Computing has been here for quite some time. Yet most of us are not aware they are even here. We live our lives in the Real World.

Google Docs Logo 2012

Google Docs Logo 2012

Google Docs is a powerful tool that lets you work and collaborate with friends, staff, customers, sales people, conference service staff, speakers . . . the list goes on and on! Here’s my run down of Services that Google Docs offers somewhere in its servers. (That’s what they call Cloud Computing. This can be helpful in setting up meetings, conferences, asking for different information from your Team and event planning.

Robot says Hello

Welcome to Google Docs! “How May I help You?”

Google Documents

1. RFPs and detailed meeting specifications.
2. Simple informational websites for exhibitors and speakers – include policies and links to forms, hotel reservation site, show floor plan, etc.
3. Staff project wikis – Share login info, notes and contact information.
4. Printable forms and documents – flyers, sign-ups, etc.

Google Spreadsheets

5. Meeting specifications and agendas – list setups, AV needs, etc.
6. Project timelines – have staff members update progress.
7. Conference reports – room lists, payments, exhibitor lists, registration reports, pace reports, etc.
8. Contact list – share emails and phone numbers of key planning contacts with your team.
9. Financials – budgeting and tracking expenses.

Google Docs Forms

10. RFP responses – have properties enter rate and availability, property info, concessions, etc.
11. Post-event evaluations – information is captured in a spreadsheet, which can easily be converted into graphical format.
12. Registration – if you aren’t collecting payment, this is a quick, easy and free option, though attendees won’t have the ability to change, cancel or view their submissions, and they won’t get an automatic confirmation.

Google Docs Presentations

13. Handouts – attendees can access these as online presentations before or after the meeting.
14. Event promotion – create a slide show with meeting highlights and give your delegates a sneak peek at what they will encounter by attending.

Google Docs Drawings

15. Rough sketches of setups – these won’t likely be to scale, but they might help communicate setup needs to the venue.
16. Flowcharts – create and share procedural flowcharts so team members are clear on responsibilities and progression of tasks.
17. Mind-mapping – because Google Docs are shared real-time, you can brainstorm and use graphical mind-mapping with colleagues during a conference call (or Google Talk chat!).

Cute Blue Robot Talking

Cute Blue Robot

If come to think about it, the possibilities are truly endless! If you know an idea please share a comment below.


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