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PH Domain Blogs. The Philippine Extension

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PH Domain Blogs. The Philippine Extension

PH Domain. The official domain extension of the Republic of the Philippines. Monopolized by Domain dot Pee-Eitch.

As part of my research and sleepless data gathering, I have been tasked to launch a dot-ph or .PH Domain. The site is currently under coding and construction by yours trully and part of the work is learning about ph Domains.

Dot PH The Philippine Domain Registry

Dot PH The Philippine Domain Registry

What you Need to Know about Dot Pee-Eich (.PH) Domains.
If you still don’t know, dot-ph is one of the most expensive domains, costing $35 a Year or roughly PhP1505. Compare that to Dot-Com (.com’s) which cost about PhP175. For PhP175 Pesos, you get the best domains in the World!

So why the Big bucks in buying the Philippine’s Finest?

Why dot-ph Costs more?
Dot-ph is bought and sold by which is the main distributor of the site. This domain is managed by dotPH and its CEO, Emmanuel Disini. Together with the PH Domain Foundation and the Philippine Government.

In 1994, part of the domain, was delegated to the Education Sector namely the Philippine Network Foundaton, Inc (PHNET). Currently they are responsible for selling domains and maintining the registry.

Other extensions under their management,,,, and

As part of my research and with permission from my Owner, here are the Top 15 Websites in the dot Ph Extension for 2012.
The above is based on the Alexa Audit on Jan.14, 2012

To see the rest of the Top 100 PH Domain Sites in the Philippines. Go to the Next Post


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