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Architecture Design Concept Creation Workshop

Wildcats Comic Characters

Wildcats Comic Characters

I used to draw a lot in High School. And because we also collected comics and cards, we would try to create newer characters while Wolverine and the X Men graced the pages of Marvel Comics.

Wildcats and Authority

Wildcats and Authority

It would be great to create a story when you create a Character. What powers does it have? Can it teleport? Will it have superhuman strength? Does he have steel reinforced bones? These add depth to your story because when you create the plot you have to remember that indeed he breathes fire, he can fly and the reason he can fly is because he can control his mass/ density.

Architecture Concept Creation Workshop 2012

Architecture Concept Creation Workshop 2012

Same with Architecture. You get to tell the story about your building. What kind of Super Powers it has and everything else.

Welcome to the Architecture Design Concept Creation Workshop. Let’s tell the World our stories.

March 5. MC 5th Floor Conference Room. 5-8pm. See you there!

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