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The Dubai Chronicles: The Mystery and End of Bacolod

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Dubai Chronicles: The Mystery and End of Bacolod

The Dubai Chronicles This is not a doomsday post but as we know, all some good things last while newer things and friendships blossom in their stead. All things work for good to those who love God and are called according to Purpose. If we miss out on the simple things in life, it would be a waste to leave without experiencing the Joy of a friend and a reunion.

The Making it through Lacson Street

Susan:”As we sat our butts in the airport nibbling on our Piaya, I just wonder how in the world I bought all these pasalubongs: a truck full! One for friends in Pangasinan, some for Family and Relatives, I even bought for my friends in Dubai.

Ian: “And I have to carry some of the Luggage. Women are excellent shoppers.”

Myrna:“Not really. We just buy many small stuff but men spend a lot on a single gadget. Anyway, it was great to have you around here, Ian. Taking us around and being funny gave us a great time.”

Susan: “If any of you people haven’t visit to Bacolod, it’s one place you will not forget. Sa mga friends, jan, sarap ng pagkain dito, muntik na ko nagdala ng marinated chicken, ihawin ko pag uwi. This is one Vacation I will not forget.”


March 15, Thur. Arrived in Bacolod

9am Went to SM to rest awhile

1030am Visited ANP Showroom in Lacson St.

12pm Met Ian and ate at Manokan Country. (the chicken was heavenly)

slept a little.

4pm Went to the Bacolod Government Center till evening.

730pm Ate at L’ Sea. Dessert at Calea.

10pm trekked and refreshments in L’Fisher Hotel

March 16, Fri. Left early for Mambucal Resort  in Murcia Town

10am Arrived to Mambucal Resort

1030am Swimming! in the Large Pool.

12pm Lunch and watched the birds

2pm Climbed the First-5th Waterfalls

2:35 Susan went out of Breath and had to be revived. (Praise and Worship was Suggested)

430pm Exhausted. Slept a little.

530pm Watch the Bats coming out of their caves (because the batman sign was in the sky)

730pm Soak in the therapeutic Hot Spring Pool.

March 17, Sat. Left early for Mambucal Resort  in Murcia Town

8am Woke up at the loud signal from the Bats catching the grasshoppers and the butterflies

10am Slid across the English Channel on a tension wire shouting Aaaarrrggg (no splat)

11am Trekking in the Top of the Negrense Jungles – Tight roping

12pm Fixed things  – Back to Bacolod.

4pm Visited The Ruins, and joined the Alta-Sociedad (Wedding)

430pm Shopping Again at ANC and Bongbongs (where we bought our pasalubongs)

7pm Coze up at Ian’s Place. Tita Lourdes cooked us a wonderful dinner. (should have sang some videoke songs)

930pm Back to Westown Hotel.

March 18, Sun. Good Morning

0930am Ready for Church in Robinson’s Place (Victory Christian Fellowship)

12pm Tried Ted’s Batchoy with puto.

2pm Last minute shopping and stay in SM Bacolod.

330pm Drove to Bacolod Airport in Silay City (Thanks to Jerry, Ian’s Brother – he’s actually an accountant and a soon to be lawyer) .

6pm Smiled when the plane touched up Manila.

7pm Guarded my bags and wallet from snatchers till we got home.

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