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Francis Kong in Bacolod 2012: Better than the Best

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Francis Kong in Bacolod 2012: Better than the Best.

Francis Kong - Inspirational Speaker 2012

Francis Kong - Inspirational Speaker 2012

This is going to be my first experience in hearing Francis Kong. It’s awkward to see a scrawny speaker moving around in front but I believe he is having an ordeal and he is wearing the pressure like a trophy!

Here’s what I learned from Francis in his Seminar in Bacolod this February 25, 2012.

First: Winners always make the most of everything while losers are controlled by circumstances and events. We need to be positive. Life is never what happens it’s how you make it.

If you are positive, you will see the sky. If you are a pessimist you will see the bars.

Second, most people are looking for a job. (They set the wrong goal) and after 4 years and lots of overtime without pay, they try to ask, why did I get into this job? You will always find what you are looking for.

I’m so blest to understand that he is speaking not about a quick fix for problems but a character based solution.

After a fiery day with him, because he always packs a lot of humour in every line, you will get out ready to plan and implement what you have just learned. Thank you Francis Kong.

Francis Kong Header

Francis Kong Header

Francis J. Kong is President of Success Options Publishing Company. He is also the Founding member and Director of Inspire Leadership Consultancy. You can hear his daily Radio Program “Business Matters” and through his Saturday and Sunday column of the Business Page of the Philippine Star.


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