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Architecture Design Workshop 2012, Bacolod-Philippines

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Architecture Design Workshop, Philippines

Tips for Creating Architecture Concepts

The 5th Floor was packed with eager Architecture Students wanting to get ahead of their fellow students. “The Time Starts Now.” says the Speaker. Everyone rushes to scribble, mumble, to scrabble and babble to be the best.

The Best Concept Created yet!

Architecture Concept Creation Workshop 2012

Architecture Concept Creation Workshop 2012

Jurors Include:  Arch Gazil Sinoy, Arch. Raymund Granada and Arch Ian Bantilan

Winners for the Event:

Workshop 1: Design Concept for a Midget’s Village in Cebu.:

Mark Delfin of SecondThird Year Architecture

Workshop 2: Design Concept for a Nuclear Power Plant in Davao:

Zyl Mae Ongco of Second Year Architecture

Workshop 3: Design Concept for a Green Mall in Bacolod City:

Justine Garinganao of 4th Year Architecture

Also present were the Dean Arch. Rialino Alisbo, Arch Vincent Alovera, District IV UAP Governor Arch Robert Aguillon, Arch Raymund Granada, Arch Gazil Sinoy and the Speaker Arch Ian Jay Bantilan.

The Event was supported by UAPSA-Bacolod and Toastmasters International. Boysen Paints Bacolod was the major sponsor for the Activity.

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