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The Dubai Chronicles: The Visit to Bacolod

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Dubai Chronicles: The Visit to Bacolod

The Dubai Chronicles

“Make ready the Royal Citadel they are coming Home!” I heard them say. All through the airports the cabin crew are making haste. Two of the secret travellers (my good friends) are actually going home to the Philippines.

The Royal Citadel – Bacolod City Hall

Ian: “The Day begins with an early morning jog to the Royal Citadel. This white marble peice has been the crowning glory of the city since the natives first discovered fire in the time of the ancients. We ran around the interior, where the Governors threw lavish parties to the enjoyment of the Crowd.”

Susan:“For lunch we visited the Manokan Country where even the cows and pigs look like chickens. They were that tasty .We’re hallucinating!”

Quatro Patria Residences - Architect Designed Cluster Homes in Bacolod City, Philippines
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Myrna:“We were supposed to Jog but Susan left her clothes and was feeling sad. Nevertheless, the Fountain in th City Hall sprayed waters of refreshing we hoped we could have brought our jogging pants and a full towel. It’s because the Bacolod Government Center is full of health and running buffs doing their rounds.”

Susan: “We then proceeded to the San Sebastian Cathedral near the Plaza. Ian was a fabulous tour guide, telling us about the history of the place.”

Myrna:“We ended our night with a Dinner at L’Sea on seafood and a dessert to the famous Calea Pastries.”

Ian: “This is the point of no return where old travellers have passed by before and never came back. We can only find traces of their clothes and diaries and their families calling them to come back to where they came.”

The Dangerous and Sumptuous Calea

The Dangerous and Sumptuous Calea

Then we finally came home to Sea Breeze Hotel. Beautiful place overlooking SM Bacolod City.

What a Day it was.

Please wait for the Next Chronicle: “Tale of the Seven Falls”

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Quatro Patria Residences - Architect Designed Cluster Homes in Bacolod City, Philippines

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