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The Dubai Chronicles: Conquering the Mountain and the 7 Waterfalls

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Dubai Chronicles: Conquering the Mountain and the 7 Waterfalls

The Dubai Chronicles

“I’m sorry Maam but the Flower you are seeking is beyond the Mountains of Negros to the Exotic Place of Mambukal.”

The old man without an upper garment commented, dark from the toil and the sun. But in his eyes you see the sparkle of the wisdom gained through the years.

Conquering the Mountain

Ian: “We were excited and the day was hot, but our trail was cloudy which allowed us some refuge from the heat.”

Susan:“We rode a jeepney to the Mountains which was dusty and unforgiving. But Murcia in Negros Occidental is cooler because it is a town on top of the mountain.”

Myrna:“We learned that the place had Hotsprings or Bukal-bukal. The place was covered with flowing freshwater and artificial pools..”

Susan: “There were 2 Olympic Size and one smaller pool. We dipped in the mineral and therapeutic hot spring waters. It sure released all my stress from work”

Myrna:“We also went for Lagoon Boat Ride and the Tree Slide for Life. When I slid over the Lagoon, I felt my soul got left into the last mountain. It was like a deep crevice”

le paru paru

le paru paru

Ian: “The Mountain went had a deep secret. There hidden among the thickets are the 7 Falls of Mambucal. One of the 12th Wonders of the Mystics. Early the next morning, we went tight-rope walking 10 stories above the sloping ground. One fall and see you in the next life.”

Myrna:“Early the next morning, we awoke and watches large dark vile creatures covering the sky. Bats. It’s like in National Geographic. Thanks, Ian for taking care of us and making us feel like princesses. We will be bringing them back to Qatar and Dubai.”

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The Search is over we finally saw the Flower of Infinite Beauty. We can finally take their memories home.

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