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University of San Agustin- Master in Architecture Education 2013-2015

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University of San Agustin holds its Architecture Masters Program 2013-2015,
hosted by Mapua Intsitute of Technology – Manila.

Uiversity of Saint Augustine Logo

Uiversity of Saint Augustine Logo

The University of San Agustin’s Architecture Department is holding off-campus classes hosted by Mapua (go Cardinals!). The first Quarterm already started last November 8, on the very day the Earthquakes rattled the Visayan Islands. The Program’s curriculum for this term, which ends on December 22, 2013 is Sustainable Development by Archt. Joeffrey M. Cardenal, MTLA, who as an Ilonggo, hails from the Panay Island. The Research Methods for Architecture class will be handled by Géza Fischl, PhD & Gloria B. Teodoro (Mr Géza Fischl will be handling the class online)

The Masteral class is joined by Architects from Panay and Negros Occidental. Most of the Architects are from the Government State Universities such as Capiz State University (CAPSU) and Aklan State University (ASU) whose architecture program is growing due to the needs of their own cities’ and provinces’ economy. Arch Ian Jay Bantilan and Arch. Jude Tipon, who are both from the United Architects of the Philippines, Bacolod Chapter, has joined in to complete the class.


University of San Agustin building

University of San Agustin building

Whether you are currenly teaching Architecture in any of the State Coleges or finding to start your own practice, there are some advantages in taking up your Masters. One is that as a Master in Architecture, you have the options of Teaching Architecture.  There are currently 5 Architecture Schools in Western Visayas alone and the infrastructure boom in the Region 6 creates a big demand for new Architects to develop the Urban Cityscape.

University of San Agustin in Google Earth

University of San Agustin in Google Earth

Another advantage of a Masters is being able to teach abroad and an edge over other Filipino Architects in the Workplace. In a Population competing in the International Arena, having a Masters shows you an edge over fellow architects for hiring and jobs. While you may need more to be able to Teach in Major First World Countries, the workplace will easily show you to be advanced.


Arch. Regine Falconite, of the Department of Architecture in the University of Saint Augustin Iloilo in connection with the Masteral Program of the Mapua Institute of Technology is holding its off-campus Master of Architecture Education Program in USA. The Architecture Graduate School Faculty of Mapua sends their Professors over to Iloilo for an intensive Quarterm Program.

For more information, please contact the Architecture Department of the University of San Agustin or call Tel +63 33 3374841-55.


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One thought on “University of San Agustin- Master in Architecture Education 2013-2015

  1. Thanks for this update Arch Ian Jay Batilan. I’m joining MS Architecture Education at Mapua GS too. Being an Ilonggo and an Augustinean too in College, i’m glad MAPUA reach out to Panay Island. Will be following more of your update on this concern.
    BTW, University of San Agustin had a second placer in the January 2014 Architecture Board Examination. Proof for good mentorship?

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