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Real Life Bacolod: Why I Love Running

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Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & DubaiBefore we get started, I want to clearly say that I didn’t love running at the start.

I use to be that person who ran only if dogs barked and attacked me. I believe girls should run because it would help them get into their more skinny jeans. But me, I just wanted to skip the Dance Demonstration in La Salle (USLS). I had to try out and make the Track Team. (Now it sounds cool, I was now Runner)

For many girls, Running would allow them to have five cookies instead of one. And still maintain size: small. I run because it makes me feel incredible, strong and confident. Why should you only run when you are pursued by your neighbor’s menacing dog? (Almost never happens) Or you can really run because you feel good about your self.

Here’s some Ideas to help you love Running.

Runners in Bacolod1. Run with Music

There’s nothing like running through your neighborhood at the crack of dawn singing to Eminem’s Lose Yourself at the top of your lungs. Music was a great distraction to get starting. I don’t to think how tired I am with every step.

2. Fun Gadgets
For my early years of my running, I only used my watch. I then learned about Garmin 405 – where you could see your average pace, distance, time, speed, calories burned fill the computer screen after every run.

3. Run Clear and Empty.
Sometimes I’d leave everything and run without the Gadgets. Have a clear mind. It’s nice to listen to the birds, the bees, the flowers, the trees, the sound your own breath, the voices in your head.

4. Train for Something

Whether it’s a 5K, a 10K, half marathon or marathon, running with a race in mind is a way to give your runs some purpose. Having a race date marked on the calendar can be all the reason you need to drag yourself out of bed, tie your shoes and get yourself out the door.

It would be great if you could run and help out a few needy students to school. And not need to worry about the system. This is implemented all over the country through the Real Life Foundation.

Bacolod Run for Scholars Race for Life1

Bacolod Run for Scholars Race for Life1

5. Buy Good Running Shoes

A lesson I learned the hard way: I had a 10K Run in High School and Run with my oldest thinnest shoes. My Reason: save weight. Result: I had to finish the run without it. My feet was a sore – it was a size bigger now.

6. Running without Shoes

Dont’t try this. 🙂

7. Leaner, Lose Weight

Harsh but true. Running can get your system to work more efficiently – without the fats.

Running can be your ticket to weight loss, and weight loss can be your ticket to easier running. You will likely get faster as you get lighter.

8. Buy Good Gear

When running, try to avoid Cotton. That includes socks too. You don’t need a huge running wardrobe – just a few key items can make running a lot more comfortable.

9. Find a Running Group

Humans are social creatures. We tend to pick up on the habits of our peers. The more you hang out with runners, talk about running, think about running, the more excited you’ll become about running.

10. Run with a Friend

I enjoy my solo runs, but running with a partner can be more fun. If not, run with man’s best friend, your own mutt. The time seems to pass so much faster with a friend.

Running can do amazing things for your body and for your soul – but you’ve got to keep doing it. You’ve got to run through the bad part to get to the good stuff. Just get out there and run. And then run some more. Keep racking up the miles and somewhere along the way you’ll come to love it. 🙂

Bacolod Run for Scholars Race for Life2

Bacolod Run for Scholars Race for Life2

Bacolod: Run for Scholars Race for Life


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