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Poem: Mom Has Just Arrived


Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & DubaiMom has just arrived
June 3, 2012

As years go by
Memories fade
Keeping the pain inside
Until its too late

Denial, denial.
I have to live so far away
Live in the happy days
Dream away the pain

The ground is crumbling
No handle to hang
The world is falling
In the silence of one.

Living away from people
Finding myself to fight
Its an endless struggle
Find colors in the white

Denial, denial.
We have to live to  far away
Live only for memories
Tucked away in the rain.

Loves lost to those who never tried
Found treasure to a soul that never cried
Never failed, yet never won
Shall it stay that way, no fight?

This is what i get
From barbies cradle on an empty house
Munching crackers on a lonely night
Finishing drawings using my mouse. (autocad)
This poem has got to stop
My mom has just arrived. 🙂


Author: Archian

An Architect, Blogger and Strategic Thinker

2 thoughts on “Poem: Mom Has Just Arrived

  1. We feel the loneliness of the speaker …despite his painful and bitter past, the speaker still has the tenacity to cling for hope– to clamber up from the dark pit he/she was in … the only consolation that the speaker bears is the idea of hope that we hear from the speaker when he says .. “Dream away the pain” Perhaps, it is indeed in sleeping and dreaming that we forget our own pains and frustrations in life. But, the sadness stays… what better way to capture that is gleaned in these lines..’From barbies cradle on an empty house/Munching crackers on a lonely night” Wow, nibbling crackers on a lonely night is indeed depressing… it would have been consoling and uplifting if the speaker eats with somebody… but the nibbling and the eating can be his form of satiating his loneliness and even more alleviating is the comfort technology offers to man . He mentions “mouse” and “autocad”
    The poem is not just a personal take on how the speaker objectifies sadness and his longing for love, it is also a way of celebrating his humanity. His audacity to give form to something that is personal is indeed risky and frightening. People would have varying views on the poet– he could be castigated or he could be praised for this bold act of self-revelation. Nevertheless, all poems are forms of self-revelations. Keep on writing… I like your poem
    Perhaps, Dr. Deriada, Homelife literary editor can help you improve your poetic craft. Best wishes… Mr. Radislao (from LCC Bacolod)

  2. Hahaha. Now I know someone actually reads my poems. This was during a Project I made this Summer. It stretched for months. Thank God for Barbie’s Cradle – she saved my heaviness with some tunes that time.

    Thank you for commenting, Sir, see you sa LCC sometime!

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