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Cheap, Do it yourself Farming?

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Have you heard about Open Sourced Software? Maybe you have heard about the biggest Encyclopedia – Wikipedia? People around the world have been building everything in the Internet.

What if people could collaborate and create Do-It-Yourslef

Do it yourself farming. And for lower costs?

Just imagine how many farmer’s lives will be affected. Think about the food shortage that these could solve? And how much less the costs of production will be. This can be a great help to our Kababayans who are living in desperate times. I hope our Philippine Government can take advantage of these technologies.

Marcin Jakubowski on the Global Village Construction Set

Now small farmers can scale up their production – doing – it – themselves!

For more information on how you could learn about these Technologies visit  Open Source Ecology


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One thought on “Cheap, Do it yourself Farming?

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