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Tim Ferris: Beating the Game not Playing the Game

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Beating the Game not Playing the Game

In my previous post, Manny Pacquiao and the Art of War, I talked about being prepared for life and motivated to win. But Manny Pacquiao is hard work, which turns off almost all of us. Lately I’d been reading around and educating myself to be ready for what life will throw my way.

Tim Ferriss - 4 Week Martial Arts Champion

Tim Ferriss – 4 Week Martial Arts Champion

This lead me to Tim Ferris, a multi-talented person: Champion beakdancer, Chinese Kickboxing Champion (you will laugh when you read it below), Tango World Championships and Speaks a lot many languages.

His Philosophy is not working hard but working smarter.

How Tim Ferris won the Chinese Kickboxing Competition.

“In 1999, I won the gold medal at the Chinese Kickboxing National Championships.

It wasnt because I was good at punching and kicking. God forbid. That seemed a bit dangerous, considering I did it on a dare and had four weeks of preparation. I won by reading the rules and looking for loopholes, of which I found 2.

1. Weigh-ins were day prior to competition. (Used dehydration Techniques) I lost 28 pounds in 18 hours. weighed in at 165 lbs and hyprehydrated bakc to 193 pounds. It’s hard to fight someone from 3 weight classes above you. Poor little Guys

2. There was a Technicality in the Fine Print. If one combatant fell off the elevated platform threee times in a single round, his opponent won by default. I decided to use this technicality as my single technique and just push people off. As you might imagine, this did not make the judges the happiest Chinese I’ve ever seen.

The result? I won all of my matches by Technical knock-out (TKO) abd went home as National Champion, something 99% of those 5-10years of experience had been unable to do.

The lesson is simple: You are Free to live life. Most people have the Secret to Failure: Pleasing everybody and not rocking the boat. But key to Winning is Challenging the Status Quo.”

tim-ferris - wine by the snowy mountainside

tim-ferris – wine by the snowy mountainside

It’s Challenging.

It’s Risky.

It’s Scary.

But in a world that just wants to be like everyone else. It works!


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