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Side A and Real Life Foundation in “Para Kay Toto” Concert

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Side A and Real Life Foundation in “Para Kay Toto” Concert

I was spending time with my friends yesterday and we were talking about the coming Side A Concert in Bacolod City. What dawned on me is that this is not going to be a regular concert. The performing band would not be earning anything from this, but instead, they will be creating a difference for 1000 young kids who are currently part of the foundations who will be the recipients of this concert.

Side A Concert Para kay Toto

Side A Concert Para kay Toto

A thousand? That’s a lot! For other people, it is just a number but the lives that would be changed would be significant. Consider this: that the kids that tug along when you pass the overpass would not have the oppurtunity to decide if they are neglected and make a choice to “pay back” to the world through crime, but that through education, they can learn that other people care.

Joey Benin and wife Bing

Joey Benin and wife Bing

What is para kay toto?
TOTO-/Tutô/”-is a term of endearment referring to kids from ilonggo speaking part of the Philippines. In this case, it speaks of children in Negros Province that will be helped by the Event. The event, envisioned by former Side A, Joey Benin, recalls on how God has been so good in his life and and was moved to return this favor to other people. The oppurtunity came as other celebrities was supportive of this initiative. Indeed when the time is right, God will make all things possible.

PARA KAY TOTO is a fundraising event for the benefit of Tapulanga Foundation, Kalipay Negrense Foundation, Real Life Foundation, Bantay Bata Negros 163. The movers behind this cause is not a foundation but simply a group of ordinary people who wish to make an extraordinary difference in the lives of young Filipinos in need. Some of the artists who support the initiative are Side A, Martin Nievera, Richard Gomez, Sam Milby, Yeng Constantino, Richard Poon, Erik Santos, and many more.

Please consider buying more than one ticket, it will mean a lot to those kids.
Side A Concert - Para kay Toto

Side A Concert – Para kay Toto

If you wish to make direct donations to the different foundations, please visit the following websites:

Tapulanga Foundation

Kalipay Negrense Foundation

Bantay Bata 163 Negros

Real Life Foundation


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