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National Architecture Week 2012 – Philippines – Video Treats!

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National Architecture Week 2012 – Philippines – Video Treats

World Architecture Week 2012

World Architecture Week 2012

National Architecture Week 2012 – Philippines – Video Treats!

Architects all over the world celebrate the joy, pain, fun, frustration and the pride of being an architect. As I am collecting the Schedule of Activities and Programs in the first week of December, I wanted top share a video treat of 12 Videos of Architecture Students. I hope you enjoy it.
L.A.M.C – The Downtown Progression: Building Green Connections
4th Year Landscape Architecture Final Design
Project Site: Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Project Brief
A revitalization project designed to reconnect and restore Guelphs downtown urban fabric. The concept of the Downtown Progression sets the stage for the collage of Guelph’s central districts.By addressing and connecting several key areas according to a comprehensive design approach , this project aims to address the downtown core as a whole as well as integrate and expand on with current proposals made by the city.Proponents:
H. Abe, T. Casselman, D. Lam, M. McGuire

Architect Jun Palafox: Architectural Activism in the Philippines

Architect Jun Palafox, an urban planner and architect speaks about the power of change in the feild of Architecture. He defines the fundamentals of action to creating a prettier, healthier and a humane world.
Thesis 2010 – Siam Rock Museum
Rangsit University, Bangkok, Thailand
Project Site: Bangkok, Thailand
Project Brief
The History of Rock is closely intertwined with sex and drugs. The project hopes to divert this action into a different direction and inspiration.Proponent:
Witchaya ChaweekulratFloating Coral Research Observatory

Masteral Architectural Thesis – Phillip Cheung

Project Site: Australia

Thesis 2008: Interactive Media Scape
Architecture Thesis – California Polytechnic State University

Project Site: California

Project Brief:
MEDIA_scape is a system of piers off the SOMA district in San Francisco, California that are fueled by the mediums of Film + Music. A new urban typology is created when three different modules are placed on the same site, generating a social mixture that typically does not overlap.
A music and film research+exhibition center is located on the NW edge, with a Hotel on the eastern edge, and finally a Performance Theater at the end of the pier to complete the creative park setting.

Matt Goodwin

Bangkok Musical Center
Rajamangala University of Technology

Thanyaburi Faculty of Architecture
Bangkok, Thailand (RMUTT)
Architecture Thesis 2010

Mr.Phattara Samakpong

Architecture Thesis 2009
Project: La Cité de l’Architecture de Rabat

Location: Palestine

Project Brief:
creation and the design process in architecture, i study this Important part of the whole process of architecture realisations trying to understand what makes the difference between good and bad projects, i call it Architecture quality! and at the end, my conclusion is that each project must respond to a certain number of concepts.

National Architecture Week 2012 – Philippines – Video Treats

Floating Coral Research Observatory
Masteral Architectural Thesis – Phillip Cheung

Project Site: Australia


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