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Fasting Your Way to Success. Does it really Work? Part 1

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Archian - Life, Bacolod, Architecture, Finances & DubaiFasting Your Way to Success. Does it really Work?

Me and a lot of my friends are corporately going to fast here in Bacolod City. Probably 300 of us, some from one-meal-days to liquid-and-water- only for 7 days.

Why? We have different answers. We have our reasons, some for health, but most of us are Fasting our Way to a Successful Year.

This is not about hitting yourself on the back like in April (Penitence – it’s much too early for that and we definitely have not lost our sense of time) I believe Fasting is a Time of connecting to a Higher Greater Being knowing that for this year, there’s some things we can’t try to muzzle out on our own.

I (Ian) found this audio and transcribed them into this post, and I hope you might want to read them before you call me crazy. Read below.

hunger of the Spirit

Really Hungry?

“And Jesus full of the Holy Ghost, returned to the jordan and was l ate nothing and fasted 40 days and afterwards hungered.”

Why did Jesus fast for 40 Days?

Bob Rogers tells us that for the Jews during those times there were 23 fasts. There are 22 “black fasts”. They wore black clothing and wouldn’t eat from sunrise to sundown. They were like a memorial service: “in memory of a thousand souldiers that died…for people killed in an attack, etc.

But there was ONE a white fast. In that fast they Fasted FOR something. Of all those fast, this was the ONLY fast that they really fasted for something, believing that God will forgive them from all of their sins and the blessings of God will come upon them.

And the breakthrough happened after the fast. And they were fasting for something!

The Catholic Church said that the reason Jesus fasted for 40 Days was that he was mourning the sins of mankind so that we would be forgiven and set free. But that’s not true. Jesus fasted for SOMETHING. There was a reason Jesus came and fasted.

If Prayer alone could met all the need that he was praying for, he would have prayed. If an offering could have done it he could have given an offering. There was something in Fasting that nothing else could do so he fasted for 40 Days.

“He was lead into the wilderness to fast…”

Fasting in the Widerness

Fasting in the Widerness

So for the Holy Ghost to drive Jesus to fast for 40 days and lead Him into this fast. It must have been very, very important and must accomplish something that nothing else would. The fact is the Bible would have been a lot smaller if Jesus had not have fasted. The New Testament would have been the volumes we read today. There would be portions that were left out. He would not have walked on water because there was was an Empowerment that came from Fasting and the Holy Spirit that enabled Him to walk on Water.

There was a story of a boy which the Disciples can’t cast the devil out. This is the first time that the disciples that the disciples can’t get anybody healed. Anybody that they prayed for got healed until they met this little boy.

Power of Fasting

Power of Fasting

Jesus said that this was “. . . because of your unbelief.” If you check it in Greek, this isn’t a word of rebuke but a world of explaination. He was using the situation to teach about faith and fasting. He continued teaching them “If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can tell this mountain be moved and it will moved.” He was telling the disciples “This one doesn’t come out through prayer and fasting.”


What can you Lose in a Meal? What can you Gain?

This message is a transcript of an Audio from the Maurice Cerullo, School of Prayer and Intercession. Read Part 2

To listen to the Bob Rogers Podcast:


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