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Review of Musika sa Museum Cafe

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Review of Musika sa Museum Cafe – Sept.22 6pm

My first experience with the violin is with my maternal Grandfather, Portraitist and Painter, Timoteo Guintos (my poem about him here) who I’ve heard playing when I was just 4 years old. I also get a good pelting when I made my brother cry. Nevertheless, I understood the moody disposition of my grandfather and his quiet disposition. This made a great impression on me as a growing artist and I sought to look the for “family treasure” years later, – the violin.
CPAC Choir of Bacolod City

CPAC Choir of Bacolod City

The Program was divided into 3 parts, Trio and Violin peices by the CPAC students, Classical Solos and finally the Violin and Viola peices of Mr. David Strong. The Museum Cafe was filled by art patrons and music lovers from all over Bacolod, including a good representation of Chinese and Indian visitors.
The event was sposored by the Negros Cultural Foundation and the Bacolod Cultural Foundation. This is in cooperation with the Central Philippine Adventist College or CPAC in Bacolod City. The event features prolific violinist Mr. David Strong and the classical singers and choir from the CPAC. The event was held in the Negros Museum Cafe yesterday, Sunday, September 22, 6pm.
Foreign Students at CPAC

Foreign Students at CPAC

The event was started by a trio, a violin, viola and cello by 3 students including a high school lad from CPAC Colllege. They played “Ang Palaka” which animates the movements and chorus of frogs in the rice fields. The mastery of the presentation was superb, knowing that faster peices needed perfect timing especially with the violin’s multiple notes in every second.

David Strong, California

David Strong, California

This was followed by classical solo peices of a man and a pretty singer taken from Filipino Composers. The first was entitled “Madaling Araw” which speaks of the love of a youth for his lady. The next peice mimics the sounds of the Maya as they fly and chirps in their play.
The program was then followed by Mr David Strongs rendition of peices from Vivaldi, Schumann and Schubert. And finally a Christian message was delivered by the Choir through a classical peice with introduction of Christian Lyrics.
Violin and Viola, Ciello in Bacolod

Violin and Viola, Ciello in Bacolod

My Thoughts.

I appreciate the fact that Mr Strong explained to non-musicians the difference between a violin, viola and cello.

I believe that modernity has put on the pressure to the message, whether it be an ad, a brochure or a music. And there is a certain mystery with un-sung musical peice. That abstraction stands with more respect because any meaning can be alluded into the composition. I also see that any great accompaniment especially by a master composer should carry with it a powerful lyrics and harmonics to produce a synergy. I believe the Christian message, though good, have been better if it matches the prodigy of George Frideric Handel’s music.

Overall, I loved the fact that Bacolenos have enough depth to actually offer Music Majors in Bacolod City. This just echose the opinions of international artists that the Filipino is a great Musical Artist.


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