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Strategies in Selecting Marketing Media

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Strategies in Selecting Marketing Media

Find oppurtunities for your Product Service

Find oppurtunities for your Product Service

Considering the creativity and freedom of any Marketing Professional, his weapons can be endless. A marketing specialist can create a dynamite marketing plan or a brilliante creative strategy but there are a lot of places you can go wrong. One of these is to run the right advertising in the wrong media. And how do you tell the right media from the wrong one?

Here are the different Marketing Media and their Comparative Strengths.

Radio Marketing Media

Radio Marketing Media

1. Radio.
Radio is the most intimate of the media, which allows you to spend time in one-on-one situations with your audience. Sometimes your audience can be in the offices with thier friends or they’ll be alone in their cars or homes, alone.

Newspaper Ad Marketing

Newspaper Ad Marketing

2. Newspaper
The Newspaper is the prime medium for disseminating the News. Advertising in the newspaper, other than the classified section, should be newsy, uninterruptive, and to the point.

Marketing  - Magazine Ads

Marketing – Magazine Ads

3. Magazines are the media with which readers become more involved. People buy them to take a good, long, extra time to read them. Here you can put in more information that a newspaper ad.

Television Marketing Media

Television Marketing Media

4. Television.
Television is the most comprehensive of all the media. They help you to convince your prospects with an actual demonstration. Synchronized sound and visual allows you the unique possibilities of offered by tv that cannot be given by other media except through seminars, fairs, and live meetings. Still, it is one of the most expensive to use.

Billboard Signage

Billboard Signage

5. Billoards and Outdoor Signage
Signs are superb in reminding people of your product and the reasons to use them. They ussually do not work by themselves and are paired in conjunction with other marketing media. Signs are powerful because they generate impulse reactions right where they ought to – at the place of purchase.

6. Directories
Directories or yellow pages reach the hottest of prospects. These people are taking the time to look for the information that you are offering so you don/t have to spend more energy in getting their attention to sell your product or service.

7. Brochures
Brochures are the best place to provide details about your product or service. People expect a lot of information from a brochure and will keep them for their reference.

Telephone Marketing

Telephone Marketing

8. Telephone Marketing
Telephone Marketing is an avenue where you can be more intimate than radio advertising. This medium also allows you great flexibility. You can also take orders if your customers have creadit cards.

9. Indoor Signage
Indoor signs and bulletin boards serve to make you a part of the community. As the organization has approved you, this increases the amount of confidence people hav in you. They are extremely inexpensive. Like yellow pages, they can only attract serious browsers, unlike TV.

You may also be asking, which of these should you choose? The answer is obvious, “As many as you can do well.”. Once you have selected the marketing vehicles that can propel you to your goal, be sure you use them in an orderly, logical manner.

The choice of media in marketing should not be left to chance for a Marketing Strategy or campaign to work. Instead, careful planning must be done in order to select the proper tool for the right job.

Selection of Marketing Media

Selection of Marketing Media

Good luck to your successful Media Planning!


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