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Personal Constitution: Principles I Were to Live By

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Personal Constitution 2002: Principles I Were to Live By

By: Ian Jay Bantilan

Heraclitus spoke that “The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change”. And this change will either deliberately make you better or it can neglectfully make you worse.

Personal Constitution and Mission Statement

Personal Constitution and Mission Statement


Life is filled with infinite of choices to change. Today, these choices might be small and insignificant, but succeeded by a thousand other choices, it combines to create a mighty river in your life that is unstoppable. The better question is: will this river be FOR or AGAINST you.

When I was in Victory U-Belt, I listened to hundreds of helpful messages. But being the obsessive guy that I am, I hyper-focused on each topic being given, even days after it was shared. Then again another message next Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, which, means adjusting my life to the particular message.

I soon learned that these principles are meant to be added to your already existing foundation! So what is my foundation? I know the Company mission and vision but mine?


A Personal Mission Vision helps to clarify a person’s priorities, values and principles. We all agree that Jesus Christ is The Ultimate Foundation. Yet a Personal Mission and Vision is a personal foundation that you can express the values, priorities and principles you want to live by.

As newer messages are added, you build this on your foundation, but your priorities will remain the same. Those new values will only develop and grow you based on these non-negotiables.

I created a Mission Vision Statement back in 2002 yet I haven’t seen it for some time. I was searched for it for months and finally found it on the bookshelf by my bed, staring me at the face all the while! I feel some very personal things, shouldn’t be shared in this blog but I was just happy to find this after months of search.

Personal Mission Statement and Constitution

Personal Mission Statement and Constitution


A Personal Mission Vision Statement also embodies the activating principles that can resolve the major insecurities and common weaknesses you struggle with.

Some of these values might not reflect what you believe. You can edit yours according to the values that are important to you.

I am Ian

I am Ian. I am a man of Faith. I believe that Jesus Died, was buried and rose from the dead. This is my Hope of a better life. As such, I have chosen to make him Lord. God is my Source and Provider.

I believe in the Power of the Truth. I speak it with Authority. I speak with Clarity, Meaning and Conciseness. I listen, hence I deserve to be heard. I value my silence.

I value friendship. I believe in the lifelong commitment of marriage. I believe in the sanctity of sex and value of human life.

I believe in Teamwork. Men are my brothers. They are comrades. I believe in self sacrifice.

I am a man of my word. I work towards consistency, character and professionalism. I am on Time. I am hardworking, responsible and determined. I believe that discipline is a prerequisite to success. I work towards cleanliness, orderliness and organization.

I have a vision for local, national and world Evangelization.

I will treat all men with esteem, honor, dignity and respect. Therefore I shall respect and care for women. I am sensitive to other people. It is my charge to care, encourage an cheerfully give.

I shall be a loving Son,

Grateful and Obedient.

I am a caring father (spiritually of course at this time), a protector of my family.

I am a valiant warrior in Prayer.

I am a Loyal Friend,

A Teacher (never knew I’m going to do it professionally)

A Mentor

A King!

Personal Drive to Win

Personal Drive to Win

Writing this here, I am happy to see that I have progressed in some of these missions. I also feel there’s a lot of things I need to work on and need to catch up. But that’s what life is. The only constant thing in life is Change. And Change is not a Destination but a Journey!


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