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Code of Ethics: Architecture Discourse

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Divide the Class into Groups of 4. Each Group will discuss a Topic from the Code of Ethics. a Topic will have an Affirmative and Negative Sides assigned to each Group.

Each Group will discuss points and Ethical Considerations supporting their Stand. Each Student will be given 3-5 max minutes each to discuss the topic assigned to them.

For fair evaluations. Classmates will be asked to Evaluate the reporters under the Instructors Oversight. Evaluators will be given a chance to clarify each postition or to add their opinions.

The Person from the Affirmative Side will begin the Presentation to be answered by the corresponding person of the Negative Side until all members have spoken. Absent Presentors will have a failing Grade.

The Discussion must be documented and submitted at the end of the class. Presentors absent at the time of the Discourse may submit their own stand and Report.


(Discourse Start December 2 (Monday Class) and December 3 (Tuesday Class)

1. Should we observe Government Laws (relating to Architects) that are Unpractical?

2. Should new buildings in Historical Sites Follow the Period Historical Style?

3. Only Architects can Design Buildings.

4. The Architects carries with him Civic Responsibilities? (Architects do not have liability – Creative/ Aesthetic  only)

5. Should we follow the Basic Minimum Fees prescribed in the SPP?

6. We should sign and seal Plans only under our Direct Supervision.

7. Are Architects allowed to develop Marketing for their name and company?

8. How do you Protect your Design from acts against Intellectual Property? (No Affirmative and Negative)


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