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An Unhurried Life: A Sidetrip from Traffic Lane

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An Unhurried Life: A Sidetrip from Traffic Lane

Iloilo Bacolod Travel

Iloilo Bacolod Travel

I am taking up my Master of Architecture in the University of San Agustin in Iloilo this 2013. An undeniable fact is that of the weekly travel to Iloilo City. The class starts at 1pm and ends at 5pm though we are all happy that our professor is ending at 4pm. We usually have some discussions, considering the that the course is in a Quarterm, which means in 2 months, we are out!

Two Days Ago.
A few days back, I was excited and challenged to finish: Lectures in my Tropical Design Class, New Plans for 2 additional meetings in my Professional Practice 2, submissions of what they call the Output Based Education Curriculum Syllabus (OBE) and our highly anticipated reports on the Sustainable Development Class, which, frankly speaking, is going nowhere. 😦

Life Youve Always Wanted

Life Youve Always Wanted

I had the audacity to whip up some reading from a book called “Life You’ve Always Wanted” by John Ortberg. It has been my handbook since I had to slow down from a frantic pace of work and commitments in Dubai, to a season of “business pregnancy” and waiting for a kid (A Start-up venture I really hope would live.) I was really blessed to find in its lessons, golden advice that were really applicable to my life.

Its the chapter called – “An Unhurried Life.”

One reason why I am not buying a Facebook – compatible phone is that my life is already off balance. I spend less time in relationships, or hardly at all. 🙂 And adding this quite addicting piece of gadget could entice me to do more work efficiently through my free times during travel.

Back in the 60’s, scientist are saying that because of discoveries in technology, in 20 years, people will have nothing to do. Hardly the case, we are in 2013 and instead of doing less and less work. People are very creative to find more and more work done in less and less time. This is what we call “Efficiency”. The paradox is, efficiency is supposed to allow us to free our time for rest and recreation and yet, it makes our World so competitive that sometimes we don’t even want to live in it. 😉

Iloilo Roll On Roll Off Travel

Iloilo Roll On Roll Off Travel

Which leads me back to the “Unhurried Life”. I missed the last trip back to Bacolod City. I had to traveling to Dumangas Port (As corrected by my Sister many times). To reach Dumangas, I had to go to Katagbas Terminal. Upon reaching the terminal, I had to grab a snack which eventually delayed me 10 minutes shy of missing my 8pm trip. What I am proud of is that I remained so calm and at peace although I’d have to wait for 3 hours for the 11pm trip.

John Ortberg says in his book to “find ways to deliberately slow down”, and this is my opportunity to enjoy the wait, commune with God and reflect on my life. I even had enough time, to strike up a conversation with a British traveling alone from Boracay. This is the same guy I always see in SM Bacolod but hadn’t a chance to chat with. Eventually, even though I had to arrive in Bacolod at 1pm, I believe I was refreshed and energized as I could have ever been, doing more work.


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