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Jogging Time, Nobody Else – Just Me and God

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Years ago, through my wanting to help a friend who just lost a parent, I gave the advice of “jogging”. It sounded so out of place everyone laughed. Well she was still in pain. But I don’t know of any other activity that brings a release of stress and tension. Now I’m beginning to feel I really need more of this physical activity, and that for more than just physique.

Its amazing to know that most things in my life can be solved through “walking”. As in “Abraham walked with God”. On my part, jogging.

Running - Spending Time with God

Running – Spending Time with God

It usually starts with rants and rumbles about “things”. Concerns.

Then my good friend, Steven Curtis Chapman or Gary V. runs along catching up my speed and urging me to move ahead. And in the middle of it all, I slow down, I forgive myself for not completing what I intend to do. I start to think of God’s provision and blessings. I also know that someday, and that someday will come. I will eventually slay the giants. 🙂

Ian B Trekking in Hatta, Oman

Ian B Trekking in Hatta, Oman


I thank God for being my Father. As He runs with me, my concerns melt away. In a moment, I understand that everything’s gonna be ok. And all so many solutions to things I might not solve, if I sat down to plan and analyze.

That is called Grace. The Grace of God, overflows in my life, even in the midst of losing patience for myself.

I am just beginning to see how this amazing creation called me is put together the way it is: my idiosyncrasies, my passions, my temperament.

Now that you’ve heard, try it. Jog with me. 😀


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