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Toastmasters Speech 4: Satiety by Michael John Casipe


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Toastmasters Speech 4: Satiety

Bacolod – Barangay Chapter, Sugarland Hotel, March 28


I will be featuring a speech by a Toastmaster colleague – Michael John Casipe about living healthy. Hope everyone likes it. Ian B.


Last Sunday, I went to La Salle to attend my brother’s graduation. As a tradition, a baccalaureate mass must be held. Well, I can really compare the atmosphere between the baccalaureate mass and graduation. As I walked into the La Salle coliseum for the mass, I can vividly see the vacant seats, more or less 2/3, in the bleachers. Also, the faces of the students were not as colorful as I expect. Well, I’m talking about their makeup for that. But when graduation comes, I can hardly pass through the entrance. I literally squeezed myself amidst the crowd and, with awe; I can see the coliseum filled with the parents, friends and relatives of the graduates.

After the ceremony, the most awaited event is:


Filipinos Love to Eat!

Filipinos Love to Eat!

It is no mystery that the staple food of Filipinos during celebration is no other than the famed roasted pig or LECHON.

At the sight of Lechon, I know, we cannot resist its invitation. The golden brown skin that shines as our eyes ogling at it, it’s sweet aroma that makes us salivate at the whiff of it and the crunchy sound it makes as we grind our teeth against the crispy, delicious skin of lechon. All those mouth-watering, hunger-stimulating descriptions about IT have its drawback. Do you know what it is? I know that all of us here decide unanimously and that is cholesterol.

Filipinos Love Lechon

Filipinos Love Lechon


Cholesterol has been attached with negative connotations. It is associated with risk for heart ailments. Well, there is truth in that. Imagine a pipe or hose, when watering plants especially those that are distant from us, what do we usually do? We try to partially block the opening for the water to reach at a far point. But why is it so? That is because of pressure. The same is true in our body. Our blood vessels are like hose and like hose are blood vessels containing our blood. Cholesterol can clog these blood vessels. And once a passageway is blocked, it will build up pressure. If blood would encounter a blockage, it would just accumulate until building enough pressure to push the block or worse, rupture the blood vessel.

However, cholesterol has its perks. You may wonder what is responsible for the appearance of male and female. That is hormone but what is its raw material?  That is cholesterol. We all know that vitamin d is important for bones but do you know the raw material for vitamin d? Still, cholesterol. Like a house, it needs hollow blocks, cement and sand, the same is true with our body – cholesterol acts as construction material.

From now on, hearing about cholesterol will no longer give negative vibes. The new question is: how can we control cholesterol? Of course, we should trim down our cholesterol-rich diet. That is eating vegetables and fruits everyday as much as possible. Sounds easy right? But you may notice that after following this advice, your cholesterol levels simply won’t go down.

The catch is: only 20% of cholesterol from our diet makes up our total cholesterol levels. So, where does the 80% comes from? That is produced by our body. In short, there are two kinds of cholesterol, the good and the bad one. And how can we make cholesterol good or bad? The most effective way is through exercise and eating fiber-rich foods such as corn, broccoli and cabbage for these acts as cleaners in our blood vessels.

You Don't need Swag when you have Cholesterol

You Don’t need Swag when you have Cholesterol


Last March 2012, an article in the Philippine Daily Inquirer mentioned that one in three Filipinos have high cholesterol levels. And women are more prone. This is an alarming statistic. Take note that cardiac disease is still the top killer in our country yet this is the most preventable one.

Let us not take any chances. If we want to enjoy our life and be free from the shackles of this disease, let us change our lifestyle. Change must not be tomorrow or another year or decade. The operative word is NOW. Indeed, in front of cholesterol-rich foods, we cannot help ourselves but indulge in them. But what is satisfaction? Is it just short, one-time event fulfilling our physical needs or a long-term one, living a life free from the bondage of sickness? Well, the choice is yours.


Delivered on March 28, 2014 by Micheal John Casipe.☺


Micheal John Casipe

    Micheal John Casipe is a hardworking person. He is a Medical Technologist and aspires

    to be the best doctor in the Philippines.


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