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From Inkblots to Dark Stained White Art Exhibit 2

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I remember as a kid drawing eyes on a peice of paper. The eyes are perhaps the most expressive and delicate feature in the human mind’s recognition circuits. Doing anything for positive or negative impact starts with the eyes. And I would try to master them. I researched how Chinese, Nordic, European, Malay and South European (Basically Mediteranean People) would look. I’d love to have the Blue Panda pen create its magic as I to be better and better everyday. It added to perhaps about some 30-50 eyes alone. And that was one page that day, for the whole month it might be hard to count how many.



The Artist near the Burj Al Arab

My goal at the time was not to perfect drawing the eyes but to create a perfect girl on paper. And as m personal legend would put it: find that girl wherever she is. I never just drew eyes, there were the typical stuff, biceps and chest, arms and legs.

Like Voltron. 🙂 I guess that really reveals my age.

It’s been a long way since those days. The tradgedy was, I seldom created something significant. I was always practicing and felt that any work should be perfect from its first line. This explains some of my philosophy behind the title Dark Stained White.

Dark Stained White Part 2 - La Salle Museum

Dark Stained White Part 2 – La Salle Museum

Dark Stained White is a collection of artworks and poetry revolving around current events and personal topics such as relationships and finances. Each work is accompanied by a 4 stanza poem which explains the artist’s work. While most aspiring artists, explain away their work, a Poem crystalizes the essence of meaning in the work. Well, not all but like clues to a puzzle, you want to have that with you while you ponder the work.

I would like to thank God, for the talent He has given me, same with my late Grandfather Timoteo Guintos, my Dad Atty Bantilan and mom Lourdes Bantilan who has been supportive of me all my life. Thank you also for La Salle Museum, Visayan Daily Star, The Spectrum and Sun Star for giving me this platform to share my talent with the City of Bacolod.

Dark Stained White from the Visayan Daily Star

Dark Stained White from the Visayan Daily Star

My exhibit is open from 8am-5pm at the La Salle Museum near the Colliseum. For inquiries contact 434-5998.


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