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My First Long Poem: Rites of Passage

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Read on the night of February 12,2003
upon passing the Architecture Board Exams

“Behold, children are a gift from the Lord
The fruit of the womb is a reward
Like arrows in the hands of a Warrior
are children born in the prime of one’s youth…”

My dad is a seasoned warrior
He handles skillf ’lly the bow & spear
My mom is a royal mentor
Who handles me with loving care.

How blessed, the man whose quiver is,
Full of arrows, prime to the edge.
He sharpens them in times of Peace
Iron ‘pon Iron, Hammer ‘pon Wedge.

“For he who sharpens in times of piece
Will have no fear of War & Battle.
He shall not be put to shame
When he contends with them at the gate…”

He pulls out an Arrow, a hapless mold
Speaks gentle words & stern instruction.
He forges them through heat & cold,
Carves new shape with matchless passion.

Now on his face the arrow shines
The Glory of Fathers is their sons
Yet not for display the Arrow is
The time has come for his Release!

Then that man must shoot from afar
He must bend his bow on target
He must aim his arrow to the sky
His vision fails him not
For he sees beyond the mud & mire
The golden treasure from afar
And let go.

This is the first Rite of Passage
When bubbly boys become full men
& and pursue their Path.
(A toast to my lifetime heroes)

Certainly, the race is not to the swift
Nor the battle comes to the strong
For time & chance happen to them all.
But he who builds on rock, Vict ’ry belongs!

Passing the torch of manhood is
A grueling, fragile, tedious task
But when the task is fin’lly accomplished,
An oak of Hardwood (Character) the boy becomes.

Teaching the noble trade of building Architecture
Is a heavy, arduous, endless task.
But when he has been found with courage,
A brilliant breed (of Architect) the man becomes.

This is the Second Rite of Passage
When valiant men become Profess’nals
– Full Privileged Members,
Members of the Noble Tribe.
(And them that taught my heart to build)

This very night, we’ve come together
Upon this Night of Passage
I invite you to remember
The men & women who,
Engraved in blood & gold
The values that I hold dear
And the knowledge of my Craft.

To my Mom, Lourdes, & Dad, Jerry, whose life I am Inspired.
To my siblings JR & Babes, whose silent support and
loud laughter brought relief from Battlefield: Manila
To my Aunts & Uncles, who made my life enriched & memorable.
To countless friends of my mom & dad
To my friends & mentors in Youth on Fire & Church
To my Teachers, Professors in La Salle & UST.
To my mentors & colleagues in JSLA, my office:
John, Bernie, June, & those in Production
To Sarah & friends who have always believed in me
& to countless & nameless blessings
God has sent along the way in times of lack & need.

To them I am indebted
And dedicate this Rite of Passage
And most importantly to GOD
In whose plan it is
To lead me in this glorious Destiny
Be honor for who I am.
Thank you.

Arch Ian Jay Bantilan


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