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French Flag on Negros Occidental Capitol

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As an educator in historical buildings, there are many things we don’t want to see in a very esteemed building like our Provincial Capitol, such as the New Year and Christmas message that covers the top windows of the building every holidays. There are more appropriate locations for that. Why not in the Park or between the trees? That wouldn’t hurt.

Negros Occidental Provincial Capitol

Negros Occidental Provincial Capitol

But today, I have seen something different, the French Flag is hung on the Capitol!

French Flag and Eiffel Tower

French Flag and the Eiffel Tower in Paris

Wow! Welcome the French in Negros Occidental! (I am aware it’s for the Independence Day Celebrations, ok?)

Columns of Negros Occidental Provincial Capitol

Columns of Negros Occidental Provincial Capitol

This is just a reminder that as artists, while we have good intentions in expression, we should still be careful in the messages that we convey. From a book I read, they say “It’s Not What You Say, It’s What People Hear“. As public servants, there are small elements in our communication that create the wrong messages, – all the more reason we need to be careful.

And to provide a constructive solution, I believe that the colors would be different if red touches blue instead of white, just as in all artworks about the Philippines and our flag.


Just a thought. 🙂


And while we are here:

To all the French in Bacolod City, you should visit our Historical Landmarks and have a picture taken there. This Neo-Classical Building is one of the finest Capitols in the Philippines. Have fun this coming Independence Day. 🙂

Negros Occ Capitol with the French Flag

Negros Occidental Capitol with the French Flag


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