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Wild Horse Stallion

Quest for Love: Christian True Stories 1

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I can’t sleep again tonight. For all the reasons. . . .

This story is taken from the Book Quest for Love. I will be sharing this story about a Christian Couple that inspired me to trust God and hopefully, you too. If you liked this please share, and thank God I couldn’t sleep tonight. 🙂

“God Knows How to Tame Wild Stallions”

The Lord will guide you always;
He will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land
and will strengthen your frame.

Isaiah 58:11

Wild Horse Stallion

Wild Horse Stallion

Before Fred Malir became a Christian, he was already engaged – to a Christian. She took him to hear the gospel and his conversion was followed by a call to missionary work. Here was a whole new direction, not one in which his fiancee was prepared to participate. “I don’t want to be the wife of a missionary,” she said, and that was that.

“A civil war began in my heart that lasted six months,” wrote Fred. He lost his joy in the Lord. He felt he could not possibly give up the girl, and the thought of her marrying someone else drove him crazy – but, as he later learned, “God knows how to tame wild Stallions.

Patiently He began to soften Fred’s Heart as he prayed to be made willing to relinquish his beloved. Toward the end of those miserable six months of conflict, the Lord “put some godly backbone in my jellyfish nature and I prayed, ‘All right, Heavenly Father, I give her up, totally, absolutely, completely!’ … I discovered that the best way to understand the Holy Scriptures is OBEDIENCE. As soon as I obeyed the Lord, His omnipotent hand, like an expert surgeon, operated on my heart and removed the passions for that girl that was not His will for me. I was trully set free.”

Malir went as a missionary, to Montevideo, Uruguay, where he had grown up, but his desire for marriage did not evaporate.

“Twelve long years went by. Then one day when I was travelling in the U.S., God put me next to a born-again Christian girl on a one-hour drive, and the Presence of Jesus was so vivid in her that I fell in love with Christ in her. For a whole week we were able to see each other often and talk together. We were both conscious that we had fallen in love, but did the Lord want us to be married? Before I was born again, I would kiss a girl first and then would ask myself if I liked her. But now that I was a believer, God made me know that I could not kiss any girl until I wass absolutely sure we were going to be married. So I did not kiss Ann.

“I expected some kind of supernatural revelation, like a voice from heaven saying as loud as thunder, MARRY THAT GIRL! But I hear nothing. . .

“I prayed for a whole week. On a glorious Sunday afternoon, on February 26, 1959, in a way I cannot even explain, I was overwhelmed with the deep assurance from God that He wanted me to marry Ann. I did not hear a thunderous voice from heaven, but somehow I had the deep assurance that this was His unmistakable will. I knew! But I had a problem: Ann was in Virginia and I was in Uruguay!

God knows how to bridge gaps. Fred wrote to Ann, telling her of his week of prayer and the clear answer, then signed his name and added a P.S. Will you marry me? For three days he held on to the letter, asking for final confirmation from the Lord. Then he mailed it. Knowing it would be two weeks before he could hear from her, he was astonished to receive a letter a few days later, dated February 26.

He reads: “I suppose I will never know until I will meet my Lord in Glory, why He has laid such a burden upon me to pray for you during all this past week. Then today God gave me the assurance that whatever your need was, He had supplied it.”

At last came the reply to his proposal:”On the same day the Lord made His will clear to you, He also spoke to me that we were to be married. God makde it so plain to me, that I felt like your wife already!”

“And I hadn’t even kissed her yet! When we later checked on the days and even the very house when these things were happening to us, we were amazed to verify that God made known His will to both of us exactly at the same hour. We were moved to write to each other at the same moment. We both held our letters for three days, then mailed them at the same time. Our letters crossed each other in the middle of the air, and we both received each other’s letter simultaneously! What a wonderful God we have, and how minutely intricate and detailed is His high-precision guidance for those who seek to know and do His will.

“Now we were engaged – but I had another problem. How could we bridge the 5,300 miles that separated us?”


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