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The Confidence and Freedom of Being a Son

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I came here on this Tagged Service for different reasons. I came to be refreshed. I came to hear a word.

It’s fascinating to see the strobe lights and the fog machine and how the smoke fills up the room as we worship. We see students from every corner of the city, ready to welcome the presence of God. But the lights and the students is not why I have come.

When your life gets consistently down without hope of changing soon you’re doomed, you wonder when its going to go up. Perhaps I’m plain bored. I’m doing poorly and look for a challenge.

UST Crowd of Students

UST Crowd of Students

As I came to the Tagged Service God speaks to me in the dimness, confirming and affirming. I believe that I have come to His presence with a spirit of pretention and self-deserving. At the same time, desperate in a position of “beaten and fallen”.

As I came forward to worship, God takes me back to when I was in college. I was believing for my College and my school, the Royal Pontifical, Catholic University in Asia. I was sure, amidst the desperation that there was a way, no matter how thin, to win your campus for God. Start with a person, sharing the love of Jesus. There is a different courage and confidence when God is on your side. But an unusual strength and expectation, – its like being taken by a big person on his shoulders and the giants around you do not look big enough.

The campus is like a a slice of the city. In college, you take the faith that is in your heart and pray that God give you this as your inheritance. It’s large. Very big – there are at least 30,000 students in our campus and perhaps 2,000 christians with most of them clueless on what God wants to do with their life. Despite being a very academic campus, we could be very much worshiping knowledge rather than . . .

LifeBox UST during Tagged Service

LifeBox UST during Tagged Service

In college you pray that God lead you to win your campus. This is a rehearsal for a bigger place in a larger arena, the City! If you are full of yourself, you could forget that you are on you God’s shoulder and its really you who is on top of the world. It is important to activate your faith everyday: pray for your teachers, classmates and ask God to lead you to the right  persons. You also ask that  the people you share your faith with was searching for God all along. It is a waltz to find introduce Jesus to a person who is looking for Him all along.

Being invited as a son to fellowship in His presence. Then leave and take it to the world. World – let’s get it on! I leave this service energized and ready to face my world. Hand in hand with my Big God! Thank you lifebox Bacolod and Pr Alex. 🙂

Lifebox T Shirt UST

Lifebox T Shirt UST




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