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Poetry: Once in a Life

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Once in a Life

By: Ian Jay Bantilan
Written July 15, 2014

La Bella Pricepessa - Bantilan Style

La Bella Pricepessa – Bantilan Style

With a quiet gaze you move me
Your simple prodding they turn
My Strong resolve like a dummy
How long before my mind burn?

Some of the prettiest creatures dent
Their wiles and crafty measures sent
Yet their plans do not make me bend
My love-immune systems stand.

But You?

Some girls walk by this guy
And one a little rare
So when she gives you the Chance,

The chance to meet her;

The chance to peice of her time;

The chance to know her

is precious oppurtunity

Just because you know or see her
Once in a Life-time.

And so we wait . . . .
For a chance, another turn.


The Girl Abstract Artwork

The Girl Abstract Artwork


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One thought on “Poetry: Once in a Life

  1. Yan nagagawa pag nasa site construction.

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