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LCC ARFIEN at 50: The Golden Harvest of Art and Architecture

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LCC ARFIEN at 50: The Golden Harvest of Art and Architecture



Bounded by the main plaza streets
Founded by a commune of sisters,
Born of the passion of artists
And armies of student bach’lors.

From the increase of culture
Knowledge, art and learning
The finest of Bacolod architecture,
Was born in humble beginnings

On the shoulder of Negrense pride
From the diligence of Bacoleno minds
Came the radiance of colorful light
that will forever alter the city’s plight.

Let us gratefully reflect the legacy
Of capable leaders who lead the journey
Honor the memory of mentors
And enshrine the gift of teachers.

The key was laid by Dean Marzona
Of headship, vision and fatherly guidance
Then the quiet and patient aura
Of Architect Varon’s selfless endurance.

The cause continued by Dean Alovera
And our former teachers of all era
The torch is passed to Arch Diaz
And thru Dean Alisbo now continues.

Let us not fight with blood and arms,
But fill the world with forceful art
Let not the Bacoleno heart and pride
Be hushed and silent, to the side.

Sing a song to noble Architecture,
Play a tune to Interior Design
For Fine Art, loud acclaim and honor
For Painting, toast a glass of wine.

Today we recall the memories,
Of classmates, teachers and tormentors.
Of overnights, fatigue, we reminisce
For constant esquisse and gifted mentors

We honor all our able teachers
Past Faculty, Deans and all our Leaders
Our colleagues, friends and the Sisters
Companions, peers and administrators

This is our pride, our Consolacion
Of half a Century of Celebration
For through this esteemed institution
Gave birth to art and fine creations.


Author: Archian

An Architect, Blogger and Strategic Thinker

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