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A Break on the Path ends Here: Still Students for Life

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A Break on the Path ends Here: Still Students for Life

For the past few years, I had enough to give. Knowledge to share and wisdom to spare. The task to teach sometimes call you to assume some knowledge for the process to continue. The truth is, nothing is really head knowledge, you have to re-learn and master what you already know for you to be effective.

University of Santo Tomas - Main Building

University of Santo Tomas – Main Building

I guess Architecture is a never ending quest to learn. One who teaches must continue to seek knowledge. This Semester, I will remain your friend. If there are things you want to ask, ask yourself, your friends, and finally me. If we know the answerS (with an s) we will all discover them.

It’s been a tremendous four years to grow in confidence in teaching, in learning. I never thought I will ever see myself teaching. And I owe it to all of you, my students. To co-teachers, thank you for the opportunity to share the fun and the knowledge figuring things out and taking little ones by the hand and lead them to the next semester. Sometimes literally till our throats sore.

University of Santo Tomas Library

University of Santo Tomas Library

I never had a Professor do what I did. We were expected to learn. I went to the UST Library with friends and sometimes alone, to read what I had to. And the 5-Storey Mega-Library wouldn’t even let me use the elevator. And since Architecture is the highest of Art and Science (Social Sciences in 3rd Floor) we were placed on the Top Floor. On the side, the Library was a treasure cove!

Photocopying a book is going down to the Ground Floor so most times, you just have to copy and draw them by hand. But some technical knowledge became so special, you get to treat them differently. You take the effort to file them a requisition slip. Go down to the base floor, already in tears and climb back again to return the book.

University of Santo Tomas Architecture 5-2

University of Santo Tomas Architecture 5-2

The creative riskier ones wont be man enough to take the effort. They’d just tear the page. I am sure no one of the few student assistants will find which pages were torn, which are carefully tucked into the notebooks, folded carefully like a treasure map. It also matters how expensive the book that you tore. But for most, the University of Santo Tomas was gifted with foresight to determine those that love knowledge just from the grueling entrance exams.

Right now, you will find me asking more questions than what I can find answers. Everyday is filled with mysterious experiences of clear with and finish levels, number of bags filled with powder and sand.


Stay true to yourself. Everyday is a new quest for learning.


For now I remain a student again. . . . that is the calling of Life.

Preparing Students for Life

Preparing Students for Life


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