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My experience with Tarantulas

My Firsthand Experience with the Giant Spider

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My Firsthand Experience with the Giant Spider

Tarantulas are a spiders under the Theraphosidae family. These large and hairy arachnids are the of horror movies because of their repulsive qualities – dark and hairy. The Tarantulas are a large family of which approximately 900 species are identified.Most species of tarantulas are not dangerous to humans, and some species have become popular in the exotic pet trade.  And that’s how this story started;)

My experience with Tarantulas

My experience with Tarantulas

The Meeting

Meet Tanti, she is 2 years old and is already potty training. After reading a lot about this mysterious spiders, I found out that some have venom enough to cause discomfort for a few days but there is still no report of human deaths resulting from a bite from the Tarantula.

In truth, I haven’t really thought about it during the moment and I guess, this creature looks menacing. One thing I learned in handling spiders is that unless you push or threaten them, they would follow you to the match-box “Posporo”. So I handled the Tarantula delicately and voila.


Tarantula eyes

Tarantula eyes

This Tarantula is for sale as of August 2014. A friend of mine owns it and has asked me if I knew anyone interested in an exotic pet. I saw it feeding on a dead lizard. Any inquiries and interested buyers may text 0948 8350 6977.

Tarantula Spider Iloilo

Tarantula Spider Iloilo


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