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Challenges and Mountains in life

The Making of a Hero

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The Making of a Hero

Children Reading Books - not me.

Children Reading Books – not me.

I will admit a personal truth. It may be uncomfortable and awkward to share, but here it is:

“I had trouble starting to read at grade 2.” Ian B.

My difficulties in Reading

My difficulties in Reading

It’s not that I was dull, (now I am making excuses) it’s just that I didn’t stay long enough or thought long enough to completely, normally read. And I was happy there were 2 other guys who were grade 3! (now I am finding others to blame. 🙂 I remember that my mom had to enroll me to a reading class because I was “slow” to learn reading.

Handicaps and Disability

Growing up as a Christian with a church that was very sensitive to talented people, it was normal to admire people who were strong willed, funny, relational and had a big drawing influence. The rest could just help along. Growing a little introverted, you had to adjust and grow relating skills so you would at least fit in.

But God has a different Perspective. As our Maker, He is the Ultimate Authority at who we are supposed to be. The invitation is not be be like this guy or that, but to be the best Ian (that’s me) I am supposed to be.

Handicaps and Difficulties into advantages

Handicaps and Difficulties into advantages

God’s Ultimate Plan for Ian

Up to this point, I am struggling with certain areas that are not at par with the world’s standards. The world will tell you what you are bad at and focus on that until it becomes “bearable”. But that is not how its works. Your path is not the same with anybody on earth. Take for example prayer, do you know that only YOU can specifically prayer for your specific 5 friends in office, 5 friends in the dorm, 5 friends in the Youth Club and 5 Friends from your cousins and relatives in just one time? Even your brother who sleeps with you and knows your relatives and might even attend the same class, will not know the specific persons you are to reach?

The point is unmistakeable. You were specifically designed by God uniquely. And you were placed in a specific time and location, knowing specific people that only you are the central connection!

Now going back to handicaps. Knowing that you are unique, God has also given us different gifts. Yet most of the gifts we see or perceive are only on others. Some of these gifts are revealed in our weakness or handicaps. Just as a missing arm allows the person to compensate with stronger other arm and stronger feet, our handicaps, too are a clue on what God is “cooking” or “brewing” for a totally different flavor of YOU!

Just look at David. If he had chosen to focus on his weakness – his inability to fight with the sword, (he doesn’t even know how to wear an armor) and his being the youngest in his family, he would be the most wretched person in the face of the earth. Yet because he knows, what God has personally done in his life, he was able to take this real, certain, evident and undeniable handicaps into strengths.

Challenges and Mountains in life

Challenges and Mountains in life

The Making of a David

The clock is ticking and David’s mind is racing. Something triggers a memory. A roaring liion pounces into his mind, as it did the day he was tending his father’s sheep on the outskirts of his childhood city, Bethlehem. As adrenaline pumps through his veins, he puts a smooth stone in his slingshot. David calms his nerves, steadies his hand and takes aim at the savage beast. He aims at the lion’s forehead. The stone hits the target, stunning the lion just long enough to allow David to finish him off with his bare hands.

In that moment, in his memory, fear evaportates and confidence condensates.It’s more than a realization. It’s a revelation. The uncircumcised Philistine that is staring him down is no different from the wild animals David faced and fought while tending sheep. David connects the dotrs between his past experiences and his present circumstances and it inflates his soul with a sense of destiny.

Handicaps and Opportunity.

Every past experience is preparation for some future opportunity. God doesn’t just redeem our souls. He also redeems our experiences. And not just the good ones. He redeems the bad ones too – especially the bad ones. How? By cultivating character, developing gifts and teaching lessons that cannot be learned any other way. The most important lessons in life are rarely learned in a school classroom.

Looking today, I could never imagine I had a problem with reading, but all those pent up motivation to read – began to overwhelm all my previous handicap on reading. I now enjoy writing and blogging, and new words fascinate me as I chose them in my own poetry.

Celebrate what God is doing in your life. Recognize the handicaps in your life and plan a way to win.

If you have been blessed by this post, please take time to share. 🙂


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