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Global Climates and Regional Classification

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Global Climates and Regional Classification

  1. Forces that drive climate and their global patterns
    1. Solar Input – Earth’s energy budget
    2. Seasonal cycles
    3. Atmospheric circulation
    4. Oceanic circulation
    5. Landform effects
    6. Vegetation feedbacks
  2. Variability in climate
    1. Seasonally (see I.B.)
    2. Yearly – El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO)
    3. Millenial D. Human impacts
Global Climate and Effects on Architecture Design

Global Climate and Effects on Architecture Design

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Climate gives rise to predictable types of ecosystems

The temperature of a body determines wavelengths of energy emitted

Solar radiation has high energy (shortwave) that readily penetrates the atmosphere

Earth emits low-energy (longwave) radiation that is absorbed by different gases in the atmosphere

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