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Tropical Design Fundamentals: Passive Design


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Tropical Design Fundamentals: Passive Design

Contrast of Passive Cooling and Heating

  • Passive design systems are techniques in lighting and ventilation, which primarily make use of natural energy sources such as solar radiation, ambient air, sky, wet surfaces, vegetation, internal gains etc. It minimizes or avoids the use of mechanical means in energy flow.
  • It maximize comfort for users.
  • Minimize energy use and other impacts on the environment.
  • Utilizing natural sources of energy, such as the sun and the wind, to provide heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting.
Passive Tropical Design Fundamentals

Passive Tropical Design Fundamentals

Passive Design have 2 basic forms:

1. Passive Cooling – utilizing natural means to reduce heat gain and maximize cooling the building

2. Passive Heating – utilizing natural means to conserve energy and retain heat inside the building

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