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Thematic Theories of Architecture

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Thematic Theories of Architecture

Theory of Architecture 1 – University of San Agustin, Philippines

Thematic Theories of Architecture

Thematic theories are treatises which aim at the fulfillment of one principal goal, usually at the cost of other customary goals of building.

Paradigm / Style of architecture: Basic presentation of its theory:
Classical Greek / Roman Doric, Ionian + Corinthian style (& their varieties in ancient Greece & Rome)
Vitruve: De Architectura libri decem.
It was mainly documentation of earlier
architectural traditions.
Romanesque and Gothic styles.   Medieval anonymous tradition of trade
 guilds has not survived;
Samples of work: Villard de
Honnecourt and Schmuttermayer.
Renaissance, baroque, Alberti: De re Aedificatoria. Serlio, Vignola, Palladio…
Rococo, Neo-Classical style
“Structuralist” Style = Galilei: Discorsi e dimostrazioni matematiche intorno a due nuove scienze. Hooke, Bernoulli, Euler…
emphasizes the structure). Large constructions: bridges and halls.
Personal styles Viollet-le-Duc: Entretiens sur l’Architecture. The book showed logical basis for new form languages but it did not create them yet. Notice also Owen Jones and John Ruskin.
L‘art Nouveau. Art Deco
Le Corbusier etc.
Functionalism. The teaching of Gropius and Bauhaus. Adolf Loos. Neufert (1936): Bauentwurfslehre
Prefab (pre- fabricated components) The lectures and exemplars given by Mies van der Rohe and others. Habraken.
/ Systems Building
Ecological architecture Eco-philosophy by Henryk Skolimowski was one of the pioneering works.
(energy collectors etc)
Symbolic architecture. Norberg-Schulz: Intentions
in Architecture, Jencks…

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